This is an event unlike anything you’ve ever seen or attended. It’s for Exponential Leaders. What is an Exponential Leader? Here’s our three-pronged definition:

1. An Exponential Leader is purpose-led.

2. An Exponential Leader is committed to getting from where they are to where they want to be 20 years faster.

3. An Exponential Leader desires increasing levels of economic abundance.

Every person who attends 20Y is in hot pursuit of the next level of greatness in their exponential leadership, at work and in life.

Do you find yourself questioning, I’m ready to live my purpose now, exponentially, but how? Have you ever wondered or asked yourself, how can I get to where I want to be much faster? Are you ready for increasing levels of abundance, as you define it?

At 20Y, you’ll learn the answers to these questions and you’ll retrain your brain to think exponentially. This life-changing event will forever alter what you thought was possible. You will encounter people who are dreaming again, dreaming bigger than they ever have, and living as big as they dream. Over the course of one day, at 20Y, Rick and Monique Justus and their team (The Justus League) will deliver a truly exponential experience.

If it is more meaning, more impact and more abundance that you are seeking, then 20Y is the right event for you. You’ll start by gaining exponential clarity, focus, and execution. You’ll learn where the 20Y Portals (“Abundance Multipliers”) are so you can begin saving 20 years at a time with effortless effort. You’ll have unprecedented self-confidence in your profound capacity to create an abundant life, organization and economy, whether you’re still aiming for your first $1 million or $100 trillion.

As Rick says, when your moment comes, it’s an all-in proposition. Make the decision to create the life and organization you love – live your purpose, mission, and vision exponentially. Discover the economic holy grail that will enable you to create an abundant economy. It’s time to be, do, have, and give all that is in your heart.