Rick Justus Gives Credit To Taiichi Ono, The Father Of The Toyota Production System


We have grown accustomed to seeing and measuring the waste of money and materials. We are less competent at seeing the waste of time, capacities, opportunities, and, oh, humans.

Thanks to Japanese industrial engineer and businessman Taiichi Ono, considered to be the father of the Toyota Production System, we have what we in the West now call “Lean,” “just-in-time logistics,” “Six Sigma,” and more.

Ohno was once a student of Henry Ford’s industrial model. Ford’s model was designed by engineers to minimize the opportunities for human error, standardizing the production system so workers were interchangeable, and to maximize speed in the coordination of work.

Ohno built a production system that was centered in processes that built the capacity of each person on the production floor so they would take responsibility for the quality and coordination of their work. His quality movement required a very different partnership-oriented work culture, a higher level of competence in his workers, and hinged on the assumption that people derived personal value from contributing to the improvement of products, processes, and the profitability of the company. Do you see what I see? No? Okay, here’s the value I saw in my involvement in the Toyota Production System while living in Japan:

·         Culture

·         Competence

·         Contribution

Ohno was both brilliant and ahead of his time. He seemed to intuitively grasp that the wastes that are important for particular moments in time change. For example, he declared that “inventories are waste” at a time when inventories were considered an asset. More importantly, he seemed to understand that ignoring a human’s potential was the greatest waste of all. Wasted movement, time, and resources was in the context of the industrial revolution, manufacturing, and mass production.

Humanity has evolved in many significant ways. The modern human wants and is driven by purpose, mastery, and autonomy. He asks, “To what extent were my behaviors and choices the result of conditioning? Who or what had its hand on the remote? Whose agenda was I living?”

Culture is about purpose. Competence is about mastery. Contribution is about autonomy.

Without saying it so plainly, Ohno was instrumental in helping us transition out of the industrial revolution. We are no longer living in that world. We call our new world the exponential era. In this new era, culture, competence, and contribution isn’t just a nice idea, it’s the only way to survive and thrive. The most effective organizations take a relational approach to the development of their employees’ careers.

With this view, work ceases to be a meaningless toil under the sun and becomes a source of profound meaning, inspiration, and impact. This new way of working offers us the opportunity to proceed to the agenda of our heart. What people want, need, and desire in a career is not a simple variable. The path with a heart is a complex construct of intertwined desires. Welcome to the new, indispensable art of genius sculpting. We are not naïve enough to think that this new way of working will happen all by itself overnight.

Monique Justus, Co-Founder Of 'The Genius Revolution,' Insists We Must Go From Genius Hour to Sculpting Genius Roles

vegas 12.jpg

Genius hour is a movement. One of the catalysts was Google. The search-engine giant allows its engineers to spend 20% of their time working on new ideas or mastering new skills. It’s worked so well that 50% of Google’s projects have been created during this creative time period. Have you heard of Gmail or Google News? Thought so. These passion projects were the byproduct of 20% Time.

Although taking a Genius Hour is a step in the right direction, the exponential leader and organization must not stop here. This precious sliver of autonomy is simply inadequate.

In most cases, a full 70% of time is sub-optimal. We’ve shared in previous books that the exponential leader must master “6 Principles of Time Travel.” The first principle states that you must upgrade your use of time. To illustrate this, we give you a quick lesson in Pocket of Genius, our 41st book in the Exponential Leader series, on what we call the 20Y Time Matrix—a formula for quantifying your per hour value of four different types of time: A time, B time, C time, and D time.

By allowing your entire team to co-sculpt their Pocket of Genius and take up increased residency there, you will harness exponential value. The problem with allowing HR to handle career development is that it cuts the manager out of the process. Pocket of Genius sculpting (beats job sculpting) requires an ongoing conversation between an employee or team member and his or her manager.

This will go mainstream. I predicted this nearly 20 years ago in a paper I wrote in college entitled Future Fitting the Talent War: A Hybrid for Success. In case you were wondering, I did get an A. Today, we’re doing everything in our power to make this the norm. Truly meaningful work fully engages our passion, strengths, and potential to generate exponential value. Mission: Restoration Dignity.

Again, we’re writing in the exponential context of saving 20 years at a time. Ignore the idea of Pocket of Genius sculpting if you want to waste 20 years at a time.

Rick Justus, Founder Of 'The Genius Revolution,' On The Value Of The Pocket Of Genius


There is a pocket that is something more than the kind of pocket found on an article of clothing. It transcends the pocket talked about in American football.

There is a pocket of genius for each genius on your team. It’s a deeper place.

The pocket of genius brilliantly combines purpose, position, and performance. To the degree you have a consistent pocket, your geniuses are engaged.

Purpose. All that is in their heart is able to be expressed and lived. At last, their work is a wonderful part of their life. Each genius is empowered and equipped to create and live the life they love. Work is now a beautiful and wonderful part of this life.

Position. Each genius has a top five strengths. They are invited and encouraged to discover their top five strengths and play to them. They are reminded that they are safe here. They belong here. They matter here. They are invited to actively participate in shaping and sculpting their pocket of genius. They rebuild their capacity to wonder. They learn to starve their mind of the moods that inhibit learning. In the pocket, they move from realm to realm. It’s about new competencies here. The days of pontificating are no more. They no longer traffic in theories and concepts. They are ecstatic to be a beginner again and again as they embody each new competency.

Performance. Alive—truly alive—to their purpose and the purpose of the organization they’re authentically aligned with, they begin to appreciate new distinctions such as the one between accountable and commitment. They are in their strength zone, intentionally discovering and sculpting the work they do in the pocket. They are 6x more engaged than the people they know who don’t work for an organization who has fully embraced this new way of working. They are exponential leaders, strategically and tactically. They are mesmerizingly effective. There is such meaning and inspiration and impact here. Their autonomy isn’t rogue. They are aligned in their assignment. Each promise is treated as the precious resource that it is and is energized by a spirit of collaboration.

Passion. Strengths. Value. These are the byproducts of purpose, position, and performance. At the center of these three things is a person’s pocket of genius. It is a divine convergence zone. They are given permission to increase residency in their pocket. They are powerfully supported by each team they are on. There is a thing called Miracle Time. This is when the master gives a virtuoso performance. The kind that makes the audience enter another world. Time doesn’t exist here.

The idea of pocket of genius transcends the archaic idea of having a job. It recognizes that meaning is meant to be found in love, work, and courage.

Each genius in your organization and their “themes of genius” will magically fit into a number of roles contained in the exponential competencies we’ve dubbed 20Y Portals. It’s a match made in heaven—divinely orchestrated. Mastery truly is life’s grandest invitation.

Are you willing to discover your pocket of genius? To create an exponential organization like this?

Miracle Time

Rick 2.jpg

There are sacred moments when one is able to transcend even in the pocket. This is what we mean by “Miracle Time.”

While writing this, my wife and I were on a Purpose Tour around the country. In Chicago, we visited a number of hotels to find the right location to deliver Purpose Day. We were drawn to one 5-star hotel, a seating section in the corner, and one specific table. The next morning, we met our clients in the lobby, went upstairs, and without saying a word, were escorted to the one specific table. After a few hours, we left to eat lunch nearby. When we returned to the hotel to resume our discovery of purpose, the seating section in the corner was occupied. Moments later, it was available. We wonderfully discovered his purpose in one word and sentence as his bride-to-be, the daughter of a king, brilliantly held the space with us. His purpose word was “infinite.” In that divine moment, Monique exclaimed, “Look up at the massive picture on the wall above you!” The picture contained a bunch of infinity signs, confirming his purpose.

Two days later, we were at a beautiful resort in Houston to deliver another Purpose Day. We were in the effortless effort of flow. You know when you’re a divine conduit. I leaned forward and asked, “Does the number four mean anything to you? I’ve had what I call an ‘intuitive hit’ three times.” She hesitated for a moment, gasped, then started to cry. She said, “My brother died on April 4, 2013. One plus three is four.” Divine confirmation. Her purpose word is “fight.” Her purpose sentence contains the sacred words “fight 4.” Her brother was one of her greatest teachers, and he lives on in and through his sister.

Two days later, we engaged in meaningful conversation over coffee and tea at the Waldorf Astoria Atlanta Buckhead. Next, we made our way over to a really trendy healthy food restaurant. Sitting beneath the umbrella, it only took one question before I experienced my first intuitive hit. Twenty minutes or so later, tears welled up as she realized just how much someone meant to her. Monique and I listened multidimensionally, held the space for hours, and, for a time, asked a lot of “this one or this one” and “option A, B, or C” type questions. I felt like a spiritual optometrist. This made me smile since my dad used to run the optics lab for the military and used to make President Ronald Reagan’s eye glasses. At one point, I knew I was supposed to read a poem by Maya Angelou. I took a moment to look it up on my phone, and began to read. “Free bird” were two words contained in the first sentence. This is what her mother had called her. Her purpose word was “free.” The purpose sentence will forever infuse her past with meaning and gratitude, power in the present, and enable her to emerge free beyond belief barriers for the rest of her life.

This is just one example of miracle time. You, too, have access to miracle time. It’s found at the center of your pocket of genius. May you see yourself ascending in the pocket.

Constant Energy: A New Vision

thomas edison 1.jpg

As we have traveled up The Abundance Continuum through each level of the Exponential Leader series, we’ve introduced some 20Y Portals that forever change the energy game. 6 Commits and Capacity 12 are two 20Y Portals that immediately come to mind.

Now, we want you to catch a new vision for constant energy in your mind and body. It’s possible to develop an uninterrupted and continuous flow of energy.

There was a man who worked from morning until night without interruption. He handled his work easily and with great efficiency.

Norman Vincent Peale shared with this man’s physician that he was concerned that he was setting a dangerous pace that would lead to a breakdown. The physician said, “No, as his physician I do not think there is any danger of a crack-up, and the reason is that he is a thoroughly well-organized individual with no energy leaks in his make-up. He operates a well-regulated machine. He handles things with easy power and carries burdens without strain. He never wastes an ounce of energy, but every effort is applied with maximum force.”

Norman Vincent Peale asked, “How do you account for this efficiency, this seemingly boundless energy?”

The physician responded, “The answer is that he is a normal individual, emotionally well integrated, and, what is more important, he is a soundly religious person. From his religion he has learned how to avoid drainage of power. His religion is a workable and useful mechanism for preventing energy leaks. It is not hard work that drains off energy but emotional upheaval, and this man is entirely free from that.”

The self-educated Thomas Alva Edison, described as America’s greatest inventor, was a badass.

To cross the great terrain between where you are and where you want to be, and save 20 years at a time on this purpose-driven journey, we implore you to not waste an ounce of energy.

One breath: why saving 20 years at a time matters

one breath.jpg

Competitive freediving is a ridiculous sport. Top divers submerge for more than three minutes and reach depths below 300 feet. The pressure at this depth causes human lungs to “shrink to the size of two baseballs,” writes James Nestor. In the reckless chasing of depth records, diver after diver surfaces with blood pouring from their noses, or dragged unconscious by rescue divers, or in cardiac arrest.

When freediving is practiced outside the structure of competition, we discover startling facets of human physiology, most prominently the life-preserving reflexes known as the Master Switch of Life. Because of a reflexive retreat of blood from the extremities to the vital organs, the brain and heart remain flush with oxygen and the lungs engorged with enough blood to prevent collapse at theoretically fatal pressures. When humans experience high pressure on land, we are unable to flip this Master Switch.

Divers can cultivate this purely submarine aspect of our biology and stay submerged for several minutes.

All to say, life is one breath. My purpose here is singular: I aim to help you flip the Master Switch of Life and maximize your one breath.

A centering practice is quantifiable


Meditation is now fully mainstream, like sushi. Drop-in studios are popping up everywhere to give people the time and space to stop and breathe.

It’s no longer the esoteric practice that requires you to completely disconnect from your life and travel to some monastery in a highly remote part of the world. Now you can simply pick up your phone and experience a peaceful journey in less than 10 minutes. Meditation apps like Insight Timer, Headspace, and Calm are home to millions of meditators.

Mindfulness and meditation training are a $1.1 billion industry, making up 7.4% of the $15.1 billion alternative care market in the U.S.

In 2016, Fidelity Investments reported that 22% of employers were offering mindfulness training programs. In 2019, this number continues to grow.

Harvard scientists found that meditation not only reduces stress, it conclusively and positively changes the structure of your brain.

You might appreciate this. Harvard Business Review reported that brain activity is redirected from the reactionary part of the brain (limbic system) to the rational part of the brain (prefrontal cortex). For clarity, meditation changes the way we react to everything because we’re enabled to rely more on our executive functioning more than our impulses.

In his book Mindful Work, David Gelles shares four important conclusions about insurance giant Aetna:

·         A highly stressed employee costs the company an extra $2,000 per year in healthcare.

·         Since offering mindfulness programs, health care costs at Aetna—totaling more than $90 million annually—are going down.

·         In 2012, health care costs fell a total of 7 percent ($6.3 million) as mindfulness programs ramped up.

·         Productivity gains per employee were about $3,000, equivalent to an eleven-to-one return on investment.

This study is just one example among so, so many that reveals that the benefits of mindfulness training programs are quantifiable.

The value, importance, and significance of this is huge. And, for the exponential leader, it’s just the starting point. We must go further.

To scale our purpose, mission, and vision exponentially, sustainably, we must embrace and master centeredness.

The 4 Secrets to Starting, Scaling, and Sustaining a Movement

movement 2.jpg

Defining a movement the way we did in the first paragraph of the last section is like saying a diamond is a rock. There’s way more to it than that. In the past 33 years in business, I’ve learned that there are 4 secrets to starting, scaling, and sustaining a movement.

They weren’t immediately apparent. They are:

·         Love

·         Gratitude

·         Hierarchy of your values

·         Magnitude of your cause

The measure of your movement is directly proportionate to how much love you have, how much gratitude you have, the hierarchy of your values, and the magnitude of your Grand Cause—giving the gift of who you really are.

Love empowers you to recast your expertise in the direction of your purpose for those you are called to serve. Gratitude enables you to perfect the product. The hierarchy of your values help you feel worthy as you find your essential partners. Finally, the magnitude of your cause determines to what degree you bring your solution to the masses. The magnitude of space (how big you can see) and time (how far you can see and how long you can remain patient) literally determines the degree to which you fulfill your dreams and create the life you would love; it determines the quality of your life and the impact you have on the world.

A dealmaker chooses a different definition of relationship

dealmaker 2.jpg

Most salespeople are focused on transactions, not relationships. A dealmaker is a better than average salesperson. Dealmakers know that relationships are important. And, a dealmaker must choose a different definition of “relationship.”

Every dealmaker falls into one of 5 clearly defined profiles.

·         Relationship Builders

·         Hard Workers

·         Lone Wolves

·         Reactive Problem Solvers

·         Challengers

Amongst the five most common sales profiles, Relationship Builders come in dead last, as they only account for 7% of all high sales performers. As my wife and business partner Monique Justus says, what the what?

Challengers exponentially outperform all other sales profiles, especially Relationship Builders. Fifty-four percent of all dare-to-be-great dealmakers are Challengers in a solution-selling situation. In complex situations, only 4% of the best dealmakers are Relationship Builders. For clarity, there are four ways to be average. There’s only one way to be a superhero.

You are not at the table with a prospective dream client just to build a relationship, as in “Well, we didn’t win this one, but we have a really great relationship.” You care too much about their purpose and vision. You are willing to challenge them as a guide on the side.

Three Exponential Catalysts

Three .jpg

Thanks to my highly-entrepreneurial Mom and Dad moving to Japan so they could live their purpose, vision, and mission, I caught that I could do the dream, all that is in my heart, from a very young age. This was the first exponential catalyst.

One day they turned to my older sister and I and spoke three words that forever changed my life. They said, “We need help.” Angela was fourteen and I was twelve. We took them seriously and started a business. Initially we taught conversational English to children, primarily. This was the second exponential catalyst.

After seeing how a book changed my life at age eleven, Mom and Dad allowed me to take my first solo trip to Burma when I turned fourteen. Who does that? Like Young Han Solo, I found adventure when I joined forces with a gang of galactic smugglers (well, sort of), minus a 190-year-old Wookie named Chewbacca.

When I returned home after the 8-8-88 Uprisings, I remember saying, “Dad, I can’t act like that didn’t happen. I have to do something.” Most normal Dads would have probably given me a hug. Not my Dad. My unconventional Dad coordinated an apprenticeship and I left home. These many years later, this hollering of my heart continues to be my exponential fuel. God wink?

Three exponential catalysts helped me become the man I am today:

·         I saw Mom and Dad live it.

·         They said, “We need help.”

·         I said, “I have to do something.”

Today, I’m so grateful for my parents and for them showing me what an exponential life looks like. Because of them, I didn’t even question it. I simply mimicked them and started living exponentially. I didn’t know at the time that it was abnormal for a teenager to make lots of money, to work with Sony at the senior executive level at age 13, speak to a million people before age 17, raise more than a billion dollars with the king of Cambodia during a time of war at age 19, and travel extensively for 5 years as a teenager. The question becomes, “In what ways have we held ourselves, our children, our team back by placing conventional or limiting beliefs on ourselves and them?” Or, “How can you create an environment for maximum potential for those you love, starting with you?”

12: a superabundant number

12 Story.jpg

The number 12 is ever-present. We find it in mathematical properties, symbolism, timekeeping, numeral systems, science, sports, technology, arts (film, television, theatre, literature, music, music theory, art theory, games, etc.), time travel, and more.

For the sake of time, however, let’s just take a quick glance at a really interesting sidebar as it relates to mathematical properties. The first 15 superior highly composite numbers, 2, 6, 12, 60, 120, 360, 2520, 5040, 55440, 720720, 1441440, 4324320, 21621600, 367567200, 6983776800 (sequence A002201 in the OEIS) are also the first 15 colossally abundant numbers (CA), which meet a similar condition based on the sum-of-divisors function rather than the number of divisors. In mathematics, a colossally abundant number is a natural number that, in a particular, rigorous sense, has many divisors. All colossally abundant numbers are also superabundant numbers.

The number 12 is also interesting as it carries religious, mythological, and magical (think Disney) symbolism, most often representing perfection, entirety, or cosmic order. In the Hebrew Bible, both Ishmael and Jacob had 12 sons, becoming progenitors of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. There were twelve Apostles, and when Judas was disgraced, they had to add Saint Matthias (Saint Justus was so close to winning) to complete the number twelve. The Book of Revelation is full of the number twelve. Consider the “Twelve Days of Christmas” and the twelve Great Feasts. Hinduism has the twelve Jyotirlinga in Shaiva tradition. There are the 12 Petals in Anahata, twelve sons of the chief Norse god, Odin, the Twelver Shi’a Islam, and so on.

Consider timekeeping. Most of the calendar systems have twelve months in a year. There are twelve hours in a half day for both the ante meridiem (a.m.) and the post meridiem (p.m.) on the clocks and watches of the world. The units of time (60 seconds, 60 minutes, 24 hours) can be divided by 12 evenly into smaller units.

It isn’t an accident that Circularity, the world’s most exponential operating system, is comprised of 12 Practices. It is the perfect circle, revealing the entirety of what must be managed, divinely ordered according to every leader who has truly grasped Circularity. Twelve contains the divine capability to time travel 20 years at a time, code for learning, teaching, and becoming the best version of ourselves in quantified 20-year quantum leaps. What’s the relationship between 12 and 20? In my mind, I see this as a divinely inspired circular continuum. Number 2 relates to your Divine life purpose. Number 0 “carries the energies of the ‘God’ force and Universal Energies and reinforces, amplifies and magnifies the vibrations of the numbers it appears with.” Within these two numbers, 12 and 20, I see the manifestation and maximization formula for the ultimate transformational time travel experience that enables you to save 20 years at a time.

All of this is just a small part of my own journey and what enabled me to put the pieces of Circularity together. I’ve had decades to discover. I’m seeing an increasing number of patterns and how they all relate to each other. All of this to say, every organization must learn, practice, embody, and master 12 things to help people well. When we deliver Purpose Day, leaders simply want to help people. The purpose of clear purpose is merely to reveal the most powerful way one can help people.

The life you live

lux 9.jpg

The quality of the life you live rises and falls on the quality of questions you ask.

Ask yourself, “What would I truly love to do with my life?” Ask holistically.

Ask deeply. Keep asking until you get the answers. Continue to refine your answers.

Remember again, clarity is a moving dynamic. You are awakening, evolving, and transforming into the best version of yourself.

The magnitude of space and time within

genius 1.jpg

This is an important principle: the magnitude of space and time within your innermost dominant thought determines the level of exponential growth you’re capable of obtaining. Your clarity of vision literally determines the quality of your life and impact.

The wisest people I’ve encountered don’t think in terms of mortal time and space. They talk about eternity and think about forever

There are 12 Practices (areas) of life. Dealmakers are extremely intentional about pouring love into each practice, domain, area. When you supply these 12 areas with love, they become 12 sources of power.

Created to be geniuses

genius 3.jpg

A lovely little girl was getting her makeup done in the makeup room of a Dallas television show.

An adult asked her, “Are you going on the show?”

She answered in a tiny voice, “Yes.”

“And what are you going to do?”

“I’m going to play the violin.”

This adult only saw a little girl, and wasn’t acknowledging the potential of her genius. He thought, “What a sweet young child. She’s going to try to play her violin on television.” 

He had no idea who she really was inside until she stood up, put the violin under her chin, closed her eyes, and began to play. With tears streaming down her face, this little girl entered another realm and played an inexplicable masterpiece of music.

When this little master of the violin was finished, she opened her twinkling eyes. The hosts’ makeup was a mess and the camera crew were disoriented. They were swept away with the purity of her essence, the ascension of her precious human spirit. We were created to be geniuses. Great geniuses are willing to pay the price.

The 258% Advantage

dealmaker 1.jpg

If you’re selling alone, no matter how amazing you are, you’re losing out.

You might be saying, “Do explain.” “Okay,” I say, “the next time a team member or your sales manager is willing to join you on a D6 call, be sure to thank him or her.”

For clarity, you are 258% more likely to close a deal in the Dealmaker 6 (D6) process if you have at least one call or meeting with multiple people from the selling organization. 

The Gong.io data science team analyzed 21,392 B2B sales opportunities to discover this insight. Our experience has confirmed it.

Be very careful how you choose to use the best closers. If the founder, chair, CEO, or Managing Partner is willing to join you, do not squander this opportunity by setting it up wrong. It’s not only disrespectful, you’ve just put this experienced person in a position that demands miracle-working powers. 

Although it’s fun to perform miracles and demonstrate superpowers, this context frustrates and angers the best of the best, if they’re honest. You will lose their trust because they know within 3 to 60 seconds that you didn’t set it up right. 

Respect is the chief currency.


12: A Very Special Number

12 .jpg

Purpose is meant to be discovered. It is meant to be lived. Fully. From purpose, we can finally see. We can see what we really want. Our visions are not some cosmic joke. If you can dream it, you can do it. Period.

To do your dream, you must learn, practice, embody, and master 12 things. Just 12. Not 12,000. The 12: branding, leadership, strategy, communication, team, value creation, advantage story, marketing, sales, customer experience, money, and systems. You must do these 12 things uncommonly well to live and realize your dream. And your purpose.

The preeminent marketing strategy

Dream Clients.png

We teach exponential leaders to forever change the game by identifying and marketing to your dream clients, the preeminent marketing strategy.

We get jaded very, very quickly by the people we were never meant to help. Helping the wrong people is like helping a hungry vampire. They will suck the life out of you. Before you put a gun to your head, we wanted to let you know that there was a better way.

There really are dream clients for you. They’re looking for you. At first, it’s hard to know who this is, and what they look like. Consider LinkedIn for a moment, as I try to communicate this point. At first glance, someone might look amazing. You must go further. You must view the full profile to get the real picture. When we first introduce this marvelous concept of dream client, many think they already do this. When we view the full profile together, however, most quickly realize that they really haven’t discovered who their dream client is. 

Your dream clients will pay you with gratitude. They understand and experience your value profoundly. They see the value, importance, and significance of being in relationship with you.

Over time, we get clearer about what a true dream client is for us. Right when we think we’ve got it figured out, an even more amazing person shows up, either refining your dream client profile even further, or forever altering who you do business with.

Dream clients exist. It’s a far superior approach to business. There is exponentially more meaning and money in this heaven-sent practice of launching and running dream client campaigns.

Always Align, Win Forever


The Circularity operating system (cOS) teaches that there is a Guiding Circle at the center, an Exponential Circle, comprised of all 12 20Y Circles (teams), and 12 20Y Circles, that may or may not have Sub 20Y Circles. The reason for having sub circles is simple. The optimum team size is 5 to 7. At King & Justus, we aim for 6 on every team, even when we’re helping clients (e.g. GeniusX—one of 12 entities in the King & Justus Collection). 

Every team, including the marketing team, must be and remain aligned with the Guiding Circle. You will experience the best kind of alignment when culture, competence, and contribution converge. Trust me, all three matter. An aligned culture helps people connect, commit, and engage emotionally. Aligned competence connects each team member’s “pocket of genius” with your obsession with customers. Aligned contribution enables your entire organization to get the economics and operations right.

First, you want everyone in your company genuinely aligned with the purpose, vision, mission, core values, and brand ideal. Zappos is known for paying new employees to quit if they’re not aligned. You should too. Remember, hire slow, fire fast. If you have the wrong people on the bus, punch the gas pedal and let them fall out the back. I think every leader knows that clarity is important. But let’s take it a step further. Clear purpose, vision, mission, core values, and brand ideal is your guide. It tells you what to listen for when you’re interviewing. Like Zappos, you may want to provide a 4-week training period that immerses them in your culture, obsession with customers (competence), and strategy (contribution). After a week or so, Zappos makes what they call “The Offer” to its newest employees: “If you quit today, we will pay you for the amount of time you’ve worked, plus we will offer you a $1,000 bonus.” For clarity, they actually bribe its new employees to quit. It started at $100, went to $500, and may well go higher than $1,000. Alignment is a sacred thing.

Second, you must find your best role within the 12 20Y Circles (teams). We have undeniable competence in our pocket of genius. You must discover your top 5 strengths, and play to them daily. You’re 6X more engaged when you do. That’s kind of important. It would be wise to ask and answer Facebook’s famous go-to-interview question: “On your very best day at work—the day you come home and think you have the best job in the world—what did you do that day?” Define the stuff that makes your heart sing. Don’t be afraid to go there. 

Third, you must contribute in alignment with the strategic focus of the Guiding Circle. Aligned contribution is the competitive imperative. There is a competition, and you must not avoid or ignore this. Sounds good. What exactly do you mean by aligned contribution? Great question. Here’s a quick recap of “Rick’s 5 P’s” on 1-Page: Purpose + Profit + Priority + Performance + Progress. 

These are the 5 elements of a simple 1-Page 10 Year Roadmap and 90-Day Strategic Plan. The exponential leader is committed to clarity, focus, and execution. These three keys to exponential growth and sustainable abundance are embedded in these 5 P’s. The Guiding Circle has a purpose-inspired, long-term vision to fulfill. To be exponential, we must collapse (time travel) decades and quarters, 40 quarters every decade. 

Oliver Emberton says, “The more directions you’re being pulled in, the less you’ll travel.”

Circles are everywhere


I see circles everywhere. Both space and time exist as circles. 

Throughout the universe there are an infinite number of circles, some small and some large. Consider the orbits of atoms and solar systems. 

The repeating intervals of time, whether seconds or billions of years can also be represented by a circle. 

I tell our clients, "Circles are everywhere." This typically leads to laughter. 

Clutter blocks abundance


I am at The Container Store. Most that know Monique and I know we have been obsessively committed to decluttering every aspect of our lives as we aim to become billionaires.

Few leaders seem to truly grasp that clutter in our physical environments and relationships energetically blocks the flow of abundance.

This gets in the way of the success we are seeking.