I was talking to a billionaire one day when I blurted out, "Billionaires are not known for having insanely complex plans, are they?"

He laughed (this seems to happen a lot), then agreed.

This moment of insight changed me.

Herb Kelleher, founder of the legendary low-cost Southwest Airlines, brilliantly used simplicity, not complex wizardry, to turn the airline industry on its head. His plan for Southwest followed three tenets:

·         Get the wheels up and get the wheels down.

·         Have fun.

·         Embrace being the “low-cost” airline.

These extremely simple tenets have become the firm foundation of the most profitable airline in the history of the aviation industry.

At King & Justus, one of our mantras is “simplicity to infinity.” The Southwest Airlines example is completely aligned with this, and greatly inspires me. Today, if I mimicked this level of simplicity, I’d say our plan for King & Justus follows these three tenets:

·         Save leaders 20 years by moving them up “the continuum” (i.e. human potential continuum).

·         Have fun.

·         Embrace having the world’s most “powerful” operating system.

Now it’s your turn to give it a try. What three tenets will your plan follow?

Keeping things simple helps your entire team—leaders and employees—focus on the activities that will determine your ultimate success.