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People everywhere are obsessed with the idea of “productivity” and both “work hacks” and “life hacks”.

The reason why is simple: being able to get more done allows us to get ahead in life, and even gives us more time to do the things we love outside of work.

We teach CEOs how to save 20 years at a time. CEOs and their teams hold their productivity back by not rigidly scheduling work & rest breaks throughout the day.

When we teach our proprietary 6-Commits Method, we teach CEOs and teams how to track their progress using an Accountability Chart to track what work they’ve completed during their 90-minute (3 Pomodoros) productivity sprints.

To easily implement an Accountability Chart into your daily routine, simply create two-columns on a piece of paper, Google Docs spreadsheet, or even a whiteboard.

Column 1 will list the time-span of one of your productivity sessions.

Column 2 will list what tasks you’ve accomplished in that limited time-span

Always allow for a cool down time of 15 minutes directly afterwards. When you know a break is on the horizon, you won’t try to “pace yourself” with your work, and will be less inclined to avoid the difficult stuff.

How will you get more done in less time in 2018?