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The number 12 is ever-present. We find it in mathematical properties, symbolism, timekeeping, numeral systems, science, sports, technology, arts (film, television, theatre, literature, music, music theory, art theory, games, etc.), time travel, and more.

For the sake of time, however, let’s just take a quick glance at a really interesting sidebar as it relates to mathematical properties. The first 15 superior highly composite numbers, 2, 6, 12, 60, 120, 360, 2520, 5040, 55440, 720720, 1441440, 4324320, 21621600, 367567200, 6983776800 (sequence A002201 in the OEIS) are also the first 15 colossally abundant numbers (CA), which meet a similar condition based on the sum-of-divisors function rather than the number of divisors. In mathematics, a colossally abundant number is a natural number that, in a particular, rigorous sense, has many divisors. All colossally abundant numbers are also superabundant numbers.

The number 12 is also interesting as it carries religious, mythological, and magical (think Disney) symbolism, most often representing perfection, entirety, or cosmic order. In the Hebrew Bible, both Ishmael and Jacob had 12 sons, becoming progenitors of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. There were twelve Apostles, and when Judas was disgraced, they had to add Saint Matthias (Saint Justus was so close to winning) to complete the number twelve. The Book of Revelation is full of the number twelve. Consider the “Twelve Days of Christmas” and the twelve Great Feasts. Hinduism has the twelve Jyotirlinga in Shaiva tradition. There are the 12 Petals in Anahata, twelve sons of the chief Norse god, Odin, the Twelver Shi’a Islam, and so on.

Consider timekeeping. Most of the calendar systems have twelve months in a year. There are twelve hours in a half day for both the ante meridiem (a.m.) and the post meridiem (p.m.) on the clocks and watches of the world. The units of time (60 seconds, 60 minutes, 24 hours) can be divided by 12 evenly into smaller units.

It isn’t an accident that Circularity, the world’s most exponential operating system, is comprised of 12 Practices. It is the perfect circle, revealing the entirety of what must be managed, divinely ordered according to every leader who has truly grasped Circularity. Twelve contains the divine capability to time travel 20 years at a time, code for learning, teaching, and becoming the best version of ourselves in quantified 20-year quantum leaps. What’s the relationship between 12 and 20? In my mind, I see this as a divinely inspired circular continuum. Number 2 relates to your Divine life purpose. Number 0 “carries the energies of the ‘God’ force and Universal Energies and reinforces, amplifies and magnifies the vibrations of the numbers it appears with.” Within these two numbers, 12 and 20, I see the manifestation and maximization formula for the ultimate transformational time travel experience that enables you to save 20 years at a time.

All of this is just a small part of my own journey and what enabled me to put the pieces of Circularity together. I’ve had decades to discover. I’m seeing an increasing number of patterns and how they all relate to each other. All of this to say, every organization must learn, practice, embody, and master 12 things to help people well. When we deliver Purpose Day, leaders simply want to help people. The purpose of clear purpose is merely to reveal the most powerful way one can help people.