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Most salespeople are focused on transactions, not relationships. A dealmaker is a better than average salesperson. Dealmakers know that relationships are important. And, a dealmaker must choose a different definition of “relationship.”

Every dealmaker falls into one of 5 clearly defined profiles.

·         Relationship Builders

·         Hard Workers

·         Lone Wolves

·         Reactive Problem Solvers

·         Challengers

Amongst the five most common sales profiles, Relationship Builders come in dead last, as they only account for 7% of all high sales performers. As my wife and business partner Monique Justus says, what the what?

Challengers exponentially outperform all other sales profiles, especially Relationship Builders. Fifty-four percent of all dare-to-be-great dealmakers are Challengers in a solution-selling situation. In complex situations, only 4% of the best dealmakers are Relationship Builders. For clarity, there are four ways to be average. There’s only one way to be a superhero.

You are not at the table with a prospective dream client just to build a relationship, as in “Well, we didn’t win this one, but we have a really great relationship.” You care too much about their purpose and vision. You are willing to challenge them as a guide on the side.