A leadership advantage collapses time. Welcome to time travel.
— Monique Justus

The peer-to-peer revolution has disruptive companies rethinking, while some are abandoning, top-down hierarchy for a more decentralized model of leadership. The most comprehensive peer-to-peer model available today is the Circularity™ system—which provides a proven model for making companies exponential at the speed of change.

When you become more effective at raising the quality of your leadership “pipeline;” our research says you’ll experience countless benefits, including:

·         A 73 percent increase in employee retention;

·         A 67 percent increase in the ability of the organization’s members to work collaboratively; and,

·         A 66 percent improvement in the organization’s results.

Building leadership talent will give you a leadership advantage in the marketplace. Considering the speed of change, sustainable success increasingly hinges on this advantage. To dramatically enlarge the leadership capacity within your organization, you must have three things:

·         First, you must have an operating system organized as a lattice rather than a hierarchy.

·         Second, you must redistribute power in a way that allows a much greater percentage of your employees the opportunity to lead.

·         Third, you must equip and energize individuals to lead even when they lack the appropriate title.

This is simply another way of messaging the three exponential elements. “Where you sit” is less significant than “what you can do.” Every person in your organization needs to feel responsible for thinking and acting like a strategist.

Sets of knowledge—20Y Sets™ as we call them—are required. Munger explains, “If the facts don’t hang together on a latticework of theory, you don’t have them in a usable form.” With this in mind, we have engineered and designed the Abundance Continuum™ to create the world’s most advanced leaders. New levels and certificates are added monthly to equip your entire company to move from one 20Y Growth Inflection Point™ to the next. Imagine your entire organization raising their hands to contribute more.