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Although many can see strategically, few remain focused long enough. The great Albert Einstein notably stated, “Genius is the ability to focus on one particular thing for a long time without losing concentration.” And, genius is a function of love, not intellect, and enables you to sustain enthusiasm long enough to create and add value.

Most entrepreneurs are survival driven and seeking money before adding value. This is one of the most obvious reasons why most entrepreneurs fail. If your primary motivation for being in business is to acquire wealth rather than to create and add value, then you’ve started off on the wrong foot. If the drive for money supersedes the drive to create innovative products/services that will add value to your dream client market, then is time for some serious soul searching.

Study after study has plainly revealed what becomes of entrepreneurs who think like this—they never actually attain that level of financial freedom they so much lay emphasis on. Why? Because the universe will never reward those who seek to get before giving.

The purpose of entrepreneurship is not the accumulation of money but the creation of value-adding products/services that will help make the world a better place for all. Wealth is a result of consistently providing solutions to the problems of humanity.

If you doubt me, go ask Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg and the likes. These are people like you and I who simply followed their passion (purpose driven) rather than following money (survival driven) and yet made a great fortune.

In our companies, we have weekly “HyperspaceX time” where we block out at least 2 to 3 hours to focus on value creation. Later, I will talk about “HyperspaceX days.” Take a minute to brainstorm what this would look like in your business. Do your best to come up with a sustainable solution. Google’s “20% time” has become “120% time.”

Sidebar: When you feel like you’re losing or “stuck on stupid” in your value creation efforts, recall what iconic writer Kurt Vonnegut said about his process: “When I write, I feel like an armless legless man with a crayon in his mouth.” You are not alone.