“From the top down, we all have one vision, and that is to offer hospitality at its finest,” said the manager of Resort at Pelican Hill in Newport Beach, Giuseppe Lama.

According to Forbes, the difference between a four- and five-star hotel is primarily the level of service offered by the staff. “Graciousness, courtesy and thoughtfulness—it’s much harder to get that right,” said Mike Cascone, president of Forbes Travel Guide, formerly known as the Mobile Travel Guide.

Forbes dispatches inspectors to stay at the hotels incognito for at least two nights and three days and use all the services, such as ordering room service and exercising at the gym. The inspectors rate the hotels on 500 standards, including accommodations and attitude. Among other guidelines for Forbes five-star hotels:

·         Arriving guests are greeted and assisted curbside within 60 seconds of arriving.

·         Wake-up calls are delivered within two minutes of the requested time.

·         Refills at restaurants are offered within 30 seconds of the guest's beverage being empty.

·         No telephone call is left on hold longer than 30 seconds without being offered a call back.


Handcraft and fully empathize for a single customer. How many stars can you create (One-star, etc.)? What would each experience look like?