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I love teaching our team and clients our 6 Commits Management System. It teaches you elegant solutions to clarity, focus, and efficient execution.

Time itself is a human invention, one we can elegantly tweak.
— Rick Justus

Clarity includes what, why, how, and promise. Focus includes prioritization, perfect timing, and sequencing. Execution includes efficiency, mastery of internal and external distraction, coordinating the completion of action cycles, and maximizing the power of breaks.

Most leaders treat time as something that happens to them; they must survive within it. Time is a precious thing.

Today, it was announced that Tesla achieved "a combined 7,000 vehicle week." Mr. Musk said in an email: "We did it! What an incredible job by an amazing team. Couldn't be more proud to work with you.

"The level of dedication and creativity was mind-blowing. We either found a way or, by will and inventiveness, created entirely new solutions that were thought impossible."

He added: "I think we just become a real car company."

Time can be elegantly tweaked. This is applicable to organizations of all sizes, whether you're a company with production prowess of 7,000 vehicles in 7 days, or you're just getting started. 

Elon Musk, I congratulate you.

Life is two seconds. Less is more.