mountain top 1.jpg

You've been slipping lately. Perhaps, no one else can tell, yet. But you know you are. You still believe you're capable of more, and despite the many harsh criticisms of yourself, you haven't given up.

You've endured before. You've done what you weren't really prepared for. You've even survived, when it shouldn't have been possible. You remember, in difficult times, who you really are. you haven't forgotten. 

Climb again. You've been to the top before, so you know it's worth it. There is joy in the climb. Pain can be a more intense form of pleasure. 

Even if you are slipping, you are capable of climbing the clearest path back to the top.
— Rick Justus

This time you will take the clearest path to the top. You know there's a way back. The top is your destiny, the place you return to, again and again, because you know all growth must come from a change in your perception of reality.