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"We had the most amazing GeniusX Getaway yesterday!" says Rick Justus. GeniusX is one of the twelve companies in his King & Justus Collection, a group of companies under the King & Justus brand that exist to deliver exponential breakthrough to every kind and size of organization. 

Monique Justus, wife and co-founder, adds, "GeniusX is the ultimate transformational experience. Each CEO gamifies their potential, 40 quarters at a time, as they pursue the full realization of their 25-plus-year vision." 

This quarterly offsite started at a winery. There were tears as each leader discovered and shared their personal 90-day transformation opportunity.

Over lunch, we revealed their first Performance Commitment. While eating guilt-free fudge, we revealed the second Performance Commitment. The third Performance Commitment was revealed in a cave-like environment at a mountain resort and hotel.

I honor these brave and wonderful leaders. We are so excited to see how each of them grows exponentially over the next three months.