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If you’re selling alone, no matter how amazing you are, you’re losing out.

You might be saying, “Do explain.” “Okay,” I say, “the next time a team member or your sales manager is willing to join you on a D6 call, be sure to thank him or her.”

For clarity, you are 258% more likely to close a deal in the Dealmaker 6 (D6) process if you have at least one call or meeting with multiple people from the selling organization. 

The data science team analyzed 21,392 B2B sales opportunities to discover this insight. Our experience has confirmed it.

Be very careful how you choose to use the best closers. If the founder, chair, CEO, or Managing Partner is willing to join you, do not squander this opportunity by setting it up wrong. It’s not only disrespectful, you’ve just put this experienced person in a position that demands miracle-working powers. 

Although it’s fun to perform miracles and demonstrate superpowers, this context frustrates and angers the best of the best, if they’re honest. You will lose their trust because they know within 3 to 60 seconds that you didn’t set it up right. 

Respect is the chief currency.