The Circularity operating system (cOS) teaches that there is a Guiding Circle at the center, an Exponential Circle, comprised of all 12 20Y Circles (teams), and 12 20Y Circles, that may or may not have Sub 20Y Circles. The reason for having sub circles is simple. The optimum team size is 5 to 7. At King & Justus, we aim for 6 on every team, even when we’re helping clients (e.g. GeniusX—one of 12 entities in the King & Justus Collection). 

Every team, including the marketing team, must be and remain aligned with the Guiding Circle. You will experience the best kind of alignment when culture, competence, and contribution converge. Trust me, all three matter. An aligned culture helps people connect, commit, and engage emotionally. Aligned competence connects each team member’s “pocket of genius” with your obsession with customers. Aligned contribution enables your entire organization to get the economics and operations right.

First, you want everyone in your company genuinely aligned with the purpose, vision, mission, core values, and brand ideal. Zappos is known for paying new employees to quit if they’re not aligned. You should too. Remember, hire slow, fire fast. If you have the wrong people on the bus, punch the gas pedal and let them fall out the back. I think every leader knows that clarity is important. But let’s take it a step further. Clear purpose, vision, mission, core values, and brand ideal is your guide. It tells you what to listen for when you’re interviewing. Like Zappos, you may want to provide a 4-week training period that immerses them in your culture, obsession with customers (competence), and strategy (contribution). After a week or so, Zappos makes what they call “The Offer” to its newest employees: “If you quit today, we will pay you for the amount of time you’ve worked, plus we will offer you a $1,000 bonus.” For clarity, they actually bribe its new employees to quit. It started at $100, went to $500, and may well go higher than $1,000. Alignment is a sacred thing.

Second, you must find your best role within the 12 20Y Circles (teams). We have undeniable competence in our pocket of genius. You must discover your top 5 strengths, and play to them daily. You’re 6X more engaged when you do. That’s kind of important. It would be wise to ask and answer Facebook’s famous go-to-interview question: “On your very best day at work—the day you come home and think you have the best job in the world—what did you do that day?” Define the stuff that makes your heart sing. Don’t be afraid to go there. 

Third, you must contribute in alignment with the strategic focus of the Guiding Circle. Aligned contribution is the competitive imperative. There is a competition, and you must not avoid or ignore this. Sounds good. What exactly do you mean by aligned contribution? Great question. Here’s a quick recap of “Rick’s 5 P’s” on 1-Page: Purpose + Profit + Priority + Performance + Progress. 

These are the 5 elements of a simple 1-Page 10 Year Roadmap and 90-Day Strategic Plan. The exponential leader is committed to clarity, focus, and execution. These three keys to exponential growth and sustainable abundance are embedded in these 5 P’s. The Guiding Circle has a purpose-inspired, long-term vision to fulfill. To be exponential, we must collapse (time travel) decades and quarters, 40 quarters every decade. 

Oliver Emberton says, “The more directions you’re being pulled in, the less you’ll travel.”