genius 3.jpg

A lovely little girl was getting her makeup done in the makeup room of a Dallas television show.

An adult asked her, “Are you going on the show?”

She answered in a tiny voice, “Yes.”

“And what are you going to do?”

“I’m going to play the violin.”

This adult only saw a little girl, and wasn’t acknowledging the potential of her genius. He thought, “What a sweet young child. She’s going to try to play her violin on television.” 

He had no idea who she really was inside until she stood up, put the violin under her chin, closed her eyes, and began to play. With tears streaming down her face, this little girl entered another realm and played an inexplicable masterpiece of music.

When this little master of the violin was finished, she opened her twinkling eyes. The hosts’ makeup was a mess and the camera crew were disoriented. They were swept away with the purity of her essence, the ascension of her precious human spirit. We were created to be geniuses. Great geniuses are willing to pay the price.