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Defining a movement the way we did in the first paragraph of the last section is like saying a diamond is a rock. There’s way more to it than that. In the past 33 years in business, I’ve learned that there are 4 secrets to starting, scaling, and sustaining a movement.

They weren’t immediately apparent. They are:

·         Love

·         Gratitude

·         Hierarchy of your values

·         Magnitude of your cause

The measure of your movement is directly proportionate to how much love you have, how much gratitude you have, the hierarchy of your values, and the magnitude of your Grand Cause—giving the gift of who you really are.

Love empowers you to recast your expertise in the direction of your purpose for those you are called to serve. Gratitude enables you to perfect the product. The hierarchy of your values help you feel worthy as you find your essential partners. Finally, the magnitude of your cause determines to what degree you bring your solution to the masses. The magnitude of space (how big you can see) and time (how far you can see and how long you can remain patient) literally determines the degree to which you fulfill your dreams and create the life you would love; it determines the quality of your life and the impact you have on the world.