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As we have traveled up The Abundance Continuum through each level of the Exponential Leader series, we’ve introduced some 20Y Portals that forever change the energy game. 6 Commits and Capacity 12 are two 20Y Portals that immediately come to mind.

Now, we want you to catch a new vision for constant energy in your mind and body. It’s possible to develop an uninterrupted and continuous flow of energy.

There was a man who worked from morning until night without interruption. He handled his work easily and with great efficiency.

Norman Vincent Peale shared with this man’s physician that he was concerned that he was setting a dangerous pace that would lead to a breakdown. The physician said, “No, as his physician I do not think there is any danger of a crack-up, and the reason is that he is a thoroughly well-organized individual with no energy leaks in his make-up. He operates a well-regulated machine. He handles things with easy power and carries burdens without strain. He never wastes an ounce of energy, but every effort is applied with maximum force.”

Norman Vincent Peale asked, “How do you account for this efficiency, this seemingly boundless energy?”

The physician responded, “The answer is that he is a normal individual, emotionally well integrated, and, what is more important, he is a soundly religious person. From his religion he has learned how to avoid drainage of power. His religion is a workable and useful mechanism for preventing energy leaks. It is not hard work that drains off energy but emotional upheaval, and this man is entirely free from that.”

The self-educated Thomas Alva Edison, described as America’s greatest inventor, was a badass.

To cross the great terrain between where you are and where you want to be, and save 20 years at a time on this purpose-driven journey, we implore you to not waste an ounce of energy.