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There are sacred moments when one is able to transcend even in the pocket. This is what we mean by “Miracle Time.”

While writing this, my wife and I were on a Purpose Tour around the country. In Chicago, we visited a number of hotels to find the right location to deliver Purpose Day. We were drawn to one 5-star hotel, a seating section in the corner, and one specific table. The next morning, we met our clients in the lobby, went upstairs, and without saying a word, were escorted to the one specific table. After a few hours, we left to eat lunch nearby. When we returned to the hotel to resume our discovery of purpose, the seating section in the corner was occupied. Moments later, it was available. We wonderfully discovered his purpose in one word and sentence as his bride-to-be, the daughter of a king, brilliantly held the space with us. His purpose word was “infinite.” In that divine moment, Monique exclaimed, “Look up at the massive picture on the wall above you!” The picture contained a bunch of infinity signs, confirming his purpose.

Two days later, we were at a beautiful resort in Houston to deliver another Purpose Day. We were in the effortless effort of flow. You know when you’re a divine conduit. I leaned forward and asked, “Does the number four mean anything to you? I’ve had what I call an ‘intuitive hit’ three times.” She hesitated for a moment, gasped, then started to cry. She said, “My brother died on April 4, 2013. One plus three is four.” Divine confirmation. Her purpose word is “fight.” Her purpose sentence contains the sacred words “fight 4.” Her brother was one of her greatest teachers, and he lives on in and through his sister.

Two days later, we engaged in meaningful conversation over coffee and tea at the Waldorf Astoria Atlanta Buckhead. Next, we made our way over to a really trendy healthy food restaurant. Sitting beneath the umbrella, it only took one question before I experienced my first intuitive hit. Twenty minutes or so later, tears welled up as she realized just how much someone meant to her. Monique and I listened multidimensionally, held the space for hours, and, for a time, asked a lot of “this one or this one” and “option A, B, or C” type questions. I felt like a spiritual optometrist. This made me smile since my dad used to run the optics lab for the military and used to make President Ronald Reagan’s eye glasses. At one point, I knew I was supposed to read a poem by Maya Angelou. I took a moment to look it up on my phone, and began to read. “Free bird” were two words contained in the first sentence. This is what her mother had called her. Her purpose word was “free.” The purpose sentence will forever infuse her past with meaning and gratitude, power in the present, and enable her to emerge free beyond belief barriers for the rest of her life.

This is just one example of miracle time. You, too, have access to miracle time. It’s found at the center of your pocket of genius. May you see yourself ascending in the pocket.