There is a pocket that is something more than the kind of pocket found on an article of clothing. It transcends the pocket talked about in American football.

There is a pocket of genius for each genius on your team. It’s a deeper place.

The pocket of genius brilliantly combines purpose, position, and performance. To the degree you have a consistent pocket, your geniuses are engaged.

Purpose. All that is in their heart is able to be expressed and lived. At last, their work is a wonderful part of their life. Each genius is empowered and equipped to create and live the life they love. Work is now a beautiful and wonderful part of this life.

Position. Each genius has a top five strengths. They are invited and encouraged to discover their top five strengths and play to them. They are reminded that they are safe here. They belong here. They matter here. They are invited to actively participate in shaping and sculpting their pocket of genius. They rebuild their capacity to wonder. They learn to starve their mind of the moods that inhibit learning. In the pocket, they move from realm to realm. It’s about new competencies here. The days of pontificating are no more. They no longer traffic in theories and concepts. They are ecstatic to be a beginner again and again as they embody each new competency.

Performance. Alive—truly alive—to their purpose and the purpose of the organization they’re authentically aligned with, they begin to appreciate new distinctions such as the one between accountable and commitment. They are in their strength zone, intentionally discovering and sculpting the work they do in the pocket. They are 6x more engaged than the people they know who don’t work for an organization who has fully embraced this new way of working. They are exponential leaders, strategically and tactically. They are mesmerizingly effective. There is such meaning and inspiration and impact here. Their autonomy isn’t rogue. They are aligned in their assignment. Each promise is treated as the precious resource that it is and is energized by a spirit of collaboration.

Passion. Strengths. Value. These are the byproducts of purpose, position, and performance. At the center of these three things is a person’s pocket of genius. It is a divine convergence zone. They are given permission to increase residency in their pocket. They are powerfully supported by each team they are on. There is a thing called Miracle Time. This is when the master gives a virtuoso performance. The kind that makes the audience enter another world. Time doesn’t exist here.

The idea of pocket of genius transcends the archaic idea of having a job. It recognizes that meaning is meant to be found in love, work, and courage.

Each genius in your organization and their “themes of genius” will magically fit into a number of roles contained in the exponential competencies we’ve dubbed 20Y Portals. It’s a match made in heaven—divinely orchestrated. Mastery truly is life’s grandest invitation.

Are you willing to discover your pocket of genius? To create an exponential organization like this?