I’d like to share something that took me just a few short years to discover—30 years to be exact. There are four keys to improving all of your relationships:

·         Trust

·         Compassion

·         Stability

·         Hope

The recipe for this new level of relationships calls for all four ingredients.

I want to improve in my ability to do relationships. One of the voices I’ve had to battle with is the one that says, “You’re not good at relationships.” By God’s grace, I’m much better at this now. Have you had any struggle with a voice or voices in your head that try to convince you that you are somehow insufficient in relationships? Your past doesn’t define you. You are capable of having great relationships.

Trust. If they trust you, they will enter conversation with you.

Compassion. If they know you care, they will open their heart.

Stability. If they know you can help them, they will ask you to guide them.

Hope. If they know you believe in them, they will succeed in ways they couldn’t before.