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The preeminent marketing strategy

Dream Clients.png

We teach exponential leaders to forever change the game by identifying and marketing to your dream clients, the preeminent marketing strategy.

We get jaded very, very quickly by the people we were never meant to help. Helping the wrong people is like helping a hungry vampire. They will suck the life out of you. Before you put a gun to your head, we wanted to let you know that there was a better way.

There really are dream clients for you. They’re looking for you. At first, it’s hard to know who this is, and what they look like. Consider LinkedIn for a moment, as I try to communicate this point. At first glance, someone might look amazing. You must go further. You must view the full profile to get the real picture. When we first introduce this marvelous concept of dream client, many think they already do this. When we view the full profile together, however, most quickly realize that they really haven’t discovered who their dream client is. 

Your dream clients will pay you with gratitude. They understand and experience your value profoundly. They see the value, importance, and significance of being in relationship with you.

Over time, we get clearer about what a true dream client is for us. Right when we think we’ve got it figured out, an even more amazing person shows up, either refining your dream client profile even further, or forever altering who you do business with.

Dream clients exist. It’s a far superior approach to business. There is exponentially more meaning and money in this heaven-sent practice of launching and running dream client campaigns.