The King & Justus Collection is your complete circle of time travel experiences. It is the one place with something for everyone.

It is unlike any place on earth. Here, we believe in you. Deeply. Profoundly. What you're truly capable of will blow your mind. All that is in your heart is not a cosmic joke. It is meant to be realized. Fully realized. And, together with us, you'll see so much more. You'll see so much further. You'll see so much more clearly. The constant underlying theme of your experience with us is to reflect more, risk more, and do more things that live on after you're dead.

Abundance--true, increasing abundance--is available to you, your organization, and all those you are solving something grand for. To this end, we exist to save you time. Precious time. 20 years at a time. Yes, we believe in time travel. We know, that's crazy. We also know crazy pays well.

Our Hyperaccelerators are the most powerful Time Machines in the world. Each of our Hyperaccelerators (aka Time Machines) have been engineered and designed with you in mind. When you experience time travel, you'll see what we mean. You will experience a critical niche in time when you literally feel that you just collapsed 20 years. You'll want to experience it again and again. Instead of laughing at us, you'll be laughing with us.

Epic experiences give us quantified 20-year quantum leaps. Thank you, Dr. Jay for inspiring this idea. Whether you're solving for a special few, millions, or billions, you will know it's doable. Never before will you have felt so human. So alive.

The King & Justus Collection includes 12 companies.