What do you actually do?

King & Justus is an exponential-based multinational conglomerate founded by entrepreneurs Rick Justus and Monique Justus. King & Justus was rebranded in 2017; however King & Justus's business activities date back to 1986.

What do you mean by exponential-based?

Our purpose is to save leaders 20 years at a time. This is our definition of "exponential." For fun, we call this time travel.

Why do you care to save leaders 20 years at a time?

Our vision is billions abundant. 

How do you plan to realize your vision?

Funny you should ask. Our mission is to create the world's most exponential consultants, CEOs, companies, cities, and countries. Our mission is our high-level "how." 

That sounds good, but how do you do that?

King & Justus Collection is the preeminent global services firm. Every organization in the world must manage 12 Practices. We deliver these 12 Practices, holistically, multi-dimensionally. In 2018, we offer a total of 36 elegant tweaks engineered and designed to deliver exponential growth around all 12 Practices, from one growth inflection point to the next, across all 7 strategic situations. We will offer 48 elegant tweaks in 2019, and 60 by 2020.

What are the 12 Practices?

The  12 Practices: branding, leadership, strategy, communication, team, value creation, advantage story, marketing, sales, customer experience, money, and systems. Every organization must learn, practice, embody, and master all 12 as one.

What are the 7 strategic situations?

Startup, turnaround, accelerated growth, realignment, exit, sustainable success, and legacy.