Legacy Leader: Dr. Jay Strack

Dr. Jay Strack is a dear friend and one of our Legacy Leaders. A conversation with him in the shark tank at SeaWorld was one of the catalysts for our pursuit of the "quantified 20-year quantum leap."

Watch how he is shaping a new generation of great leaders...

The Management Philosophy of Rick Justus

Rick Justus has spent the past thirty years creating the world's most advanced management system, test-driving his methodology in more than 16,500 organizations globally. In business as in life, there are few guarantees. And for any business - gigantic, medium-sized, small, or startup - the management philosophy of Rick Justus may be applied equally, and the results will be exponential.

The following video will describe The 12 Practices™ of the Justus management system. Within each practice are specifics, subtleties, and case histories which entire books will be devoted.