1. I like to create my own recipes.

2. I love being a mom.

3. I have 5 kids.

4. I was the Camp Director for 200 teenage girls.

5. I was a Cub Scout leader for 5 years.

6. I'm a Southern California native.

7. I love chocolate covered gummy bears.

8. I want to write at least one children's book.

9. I enjoy speaking to CEOs and leaders about being fully expressed in their purpose.

10. I worked with Catherine Hardwicke, Director: Twilight.

11. I was a model.

12. I've authored one anthology and one textbook for leaders. (I'm currently writing a book and another textbook for leaders.)

13. I've worked with over 900 companies.

14. Rick Justus is the love of my life.

15. I enjoy being 'stuck on stupid' on my days off. (Days off? What's that?)

16. I do more in two days than most do in four or five days.

17. I love the Olympics.

18. I love the athlete's mindset.

19. I like football, hockey, and synchronized swimming. (Lol!)

20. Cannon Beach is one of my favorite places on the planet. (Ask me why.)

21. I like to surround myself with people who want exponentially more in life, business, and impact.

22. I like going to the movies.

23. Music moves me (all genres).

24. My dad was in Roots and Dukes of Hazard.

25. I directed and produced The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

26. I'm obsessively committed to reshaping the global economy.

27. I am the youngest of four sisters.

28. I embarrassed myself the first time I went surfing when my surfboard hit me in the head because I was trying to impress a guy.

29. I love this country and all human beings.

30. Some day I may create packaging that doesn't make any noise for use at movie theaters, globally. (This is a pet peeve of mine.)

31. I love to travel.

32. Costco in Tijuana changed my life.

33. I want to be, do, have, and give more.

34. I want to try snowboarding.

35. My favorite childhood memory: mom making homemade chicken soup when I was sick.

36. I'm addicted to bubble baths.