I want to empower and equip you to start a customer experience movement (CXM). The customer experience you design and deliver isn’t just a top priority. It’s the whole point. We don’t start a business or take a leadership role within an organization just to create value. That’s not a business.

The goal is to passionately create value so we can deliver value to the customers we love. If we aren’t passionate about what we do and don’t love the people we do it for, we need to get therapy or get out. Now.

Think about it. Each and every one of the 12 Practices we would love to manage is about people, the customer. I hope you caught that.

The normal human hungers for meaning and impact. The meaning and impact you yearn for is found within the divine conduit of value delivery.

More clearly, life is about legacy. Legacy, as I redefined it in Lead Like a Boss, is “a person’s greatest contribution at work, at home, and in life, especially in the present.” Our contribution and what I call Impact Metrics in these three domains are the true and best measure of our lives. We will only ever have the present moment, so learn to so fully present in the divinely orchestrated moments that you could charge admission and sell popcorn (83% profit margins). Divinely orchestrated moments become what I call Divine Convergence Zone (DCZ). Here is the Fundamental Theorem of DCZ:

Divine Convergence Zone = Relationship + Intentionality

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We are beautifully, powerfully, intricately interwoven with the Divine. Together, we can co-create these Divine Convergence Zones. Focus on the frequency.

I want you to catch a greater and more valuable vision. Begin to see that the customer experience you design and deliver to delight your beloved customers is the way you live, realize, and fulfill your mission, vision, and purpose. There simply is no other way. Again, customer experience is the whole point. It’s the real why behind our why. In the more than three decades I’ve been working with CEOs, it’s clearer than ever that business rises and falls on getting and keeping a customer. We get and keep customers by offering and delivering an experience.