I love being married to this woman, my Sweet Fire. Like every couple, we have our moments, days, and challenges, and by God’s grace we continue to improve our love. Love is in the details. It is a wondrous daily decision. It is presence. It is awareness. It is increasing intentionality. Love is a dance up an ever-ascending path. It contains all the meaning of life we ever wanted to experience.

Counterfeits, less-thans dot our path and attempt to seduce. But none can compare to this dance, this joy, this marvelous meaning. My heart is continuing to heal, to open more fully, to expand into the heavenly possibilities available to us.

Our love, My Love, is the way. It is the source, the center, the circumference of any and all success gained. We belong together. You and me. Radiant love. Spellbound still. I give you my whole heart, that expanding thing that knows no bounds. I love you, Monique. I am yours, forever, multiplied by infinity.