When Monique Justus first launched King & Justus, most people thought she was bonkers to take on McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group, and Bain & Company. But she did, and certainly livened up the competition.

With her husband and business partner, Rick Justus, Justus is diligently following a clear path forward to become the preeminent expert in exponential growth. The two of them are on track to complete 144 books by age 55.

Here's the path:

·         47: 48+ books (EL I-IV)

·         48: 60 books (EL V)

·         49: 72 books (EL VI)

·         50: 84 books (EL VII)

·         51: 96 books (EL VIII)

·         52: 108 books (EL IX)

·         53: 120 books (EL X)

·         54: 132 books (EL XI)

·         55: 144 books (EL XII)

Monique Justus adds, "We are excited to scale our impact. We've worked really hard to reach this point."

She adds, "If a leader doesn't demonstrate a healthy dose of honesty, humility, hunger, and integrity, they have no place in our exponential community."