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Many years ago, I froze at the podium in front of more than 15,000 people. Suddenly, I had an idea. As I reached down to get my camera from the podium shelf, all I wanted to do was hide. I took the camera from the case, stood up, and took three pictures of the audience—left, middle, and right. The entire audience started laughing. Although unplanned, this ice-breaker removed the tension from the massive warehouse.

For 8-plus hours, I became a divine conduit. All I can remember is coming off the podium knowing that I had entered a different realm. Several hundred people were waiting in a line to greet me. One by one, they shared how my words had changed them. Only one asked, “Where are your parents?” I was only 17.

In the restroom, I washed a thousand kisses from my face. Tears flowed uncontrollably. I had just experienced what can happen inside the pocket—the pocket of genius. This was a defining moment in my life.

When your moment comes, you will find an exit quickly, or you’ll step in. We implore you, step in.

Mastery is life’s grandest invitation. It gently and boldly beckons each of us. It woos us for as long as it takes. Deep calls unto deep.

Purpose reveals our grand challenge, the one we get to solve. You know it’s the grand challenge you were born to solve when you know that you know that you know it will demand mastery.

When you know that you know that you know, it’s different than you know and you know that you know. If you didn’t understand that, please read it again. When you know that you know that you know something, you now have a “knowingness” that your spirit confirms at the epicenter of your being.

We use the word epicenter—the point on the earth’s surface vertically above the focus of an earthquake—deliberately. When you choose to live your purpose, now, exponentially, you are capable of creating a spiritual earthquake that will be felt around the world.

Mastery is hard work. Mastery in the wrong direction will destroy everything that is good. Mastery in the right direction infuses every current and future cell in your body with meaning, hope for a better future, and galactic visions of impact.

We look upon the masters we’ve encountered in a book, a movie, or on a platform of some sort in awe, with a peculiar mixture of emotions, and profound sense of fascination and awareness that every dimension of our human self is spellbound by this fully expressed master.

After each encounter, you have ears to hear the voice of beckoning again, even if it’s just for a moment. All it takes is a divine moment. Nothing is wasted, fully revealing that every piece serves, because all that is in your heart is fully realized in a divine moment. It’s mind boggling to know that all that we’ve ever dreamed and yearned to express can be experienced in one divine, sacred moment. Things get increasingly “interesting” when we begin stacking these divine, sacred moments.

Within these pages, we reveal the sacred path to your pocket of genius—four, and potentially 5—essential elements. When you take up increased residency in our “pocket of genius,” passion, strengths, and value collide, creating your “Greatest Contribution Zone” (GCZ). Here, your hunger for impact becomes more intense. You know that the true measure of a life is not it’s duration but it’s donation. You experience continual transformation in the ripple effect of your life. The true ripple effect of our circular pocket of genius is immeasurable, continues for eternity, and transcends the time-space continuum.

We include the word “depth” in the name of this 20Y Portal (Pockets & Depth 4) because every organization needs depth in each exponential role for a variety of reasons. The moment you learn you’re not going to make it to an important gathering you’re hosting because your flight has been canceled, you’ll be grateful that you created depth in each position. We will not go into the two-pronged meaning of this word in this book, the 41st book in the Exponential Leader series. All we’ll say at the moment is that at times we want our team members to test their physical and mental limits, then—at the appropriate time—to take their foot off the accelerator. Furthermore, we want each exponential position to have backup. More practice and meetings—the right meetings and meeting rhythm—takes us deeper into mastery, wins the exponential game, and opens the floodgates of abundance. 

I’m humbled by knowing the source of these words. We write to power everything in the multiverse of our purpose.

There is awe because we are witnessing the miracle of humanity. When we are fully human and fully alive, and expressed, there is a sense of awe.