Rick Justus says King & Justus HyperspaceX's Exact Purpose Initiative moving quickly toward global scale


Rick Justus's King & Justus HyperspaceX is working its way through the many hurdles on its long journey toward every human discovering his or her purpose, the kingpin to abundance.

It's a very long way to a purpose-centered Earth, but Rick and Monique Justus and their King & Justus HyperSpaceX Exact Purpose Initiative are moving quick to get there. Or at least to get a little closer to the fulfillment of this vision.

Rick Justus says, "It's sad to see how many leaders are attempting to lead without 'exact' purpose. Leading without exact purpose is like driving a Devel Sixteen without a steering wheel."

Most don't know that King & Justus HyperspaceX, legend in the history of superleaders, has engineered a proprietary process for exact purpose every time.

Exact purpose is like biofuel for all you want to be, do, have, and give. Exact purpose is the kingpin to everything else. Fully maximized, it contains both a time-saving mechanism that will save you 20 years at a time and a money-making mechanism that will make every level of economic abundance possible.

This is in line with Justus's stated plans to give some sort of public update on the Exact Purpose Initiative before the next test--global scale. The Exact Purpose Initiative works in concert with King & Justus HyperspaceX's Exponential Leadership Initiative and Women's & Men's Global Abundance Initiative.

King & Justus Third 8 announces the Women's and Men's Global Abundance Initiative


Today, King & Justus Third 8 officially announced the Women’s & Men’s Global Abundance Initiative (WMGAI).

“Women and men are the foundation to an Abundant society,” says Monique Justus, co-founder of King & Justus.

#WMGAI is committed to ensuring that ALL women and men become fully abundant exponentially faster.

Rick and Monique Justus look forward to continuing this mission during their upcoming trips around the world.

Pocket of Genius to hit shelves soon


In May, 2019, HyperspaceX published Pocket of Genius and unveiled the JustusGenius assessment.

HyperspaceX has published more than 40 books focused on exponential-based development in various roles. All of these books have used the JustusGenius as the cornerstone of genius discovery and personal improvement.

Over the next two decades, King & Justus Velocity will train thousands of professional coaches around the world on how to help others discover and develop their genius.

Now individuals, teams and organizations everywhere can find a certified coach who can help them realize their exponential potential using JustusGenius.

You can join this exponential movement.

King & Justus has promised to create 100 new jobs in 2019—here’s how to land one

Monique Justus, Co-founder and CEO at King & Justus Group | HyperspaceX Images

Monique Justus, Co-founder and CEO at King & Justus Group | HyperspaceX Images

April 9, 2019

King & Justus has announced plans to create 100 new part-time jobs in 20 states by the end of 2019. Rick Justus, founder and chairman of King & Justus, says that these part-time positions can provide opportunities for a much bigger game after 90 days. “You really have to make yourself stand out and make it clear to us that you are really interested in doing this over the long term and growing with the company if you want to play a bigger game with us,” says Mr. Justus.

Monique Justus, King & Justus’s co-founder and CEO, shares four tips for getting a job at King & Justus:

“First, find where you fit as we’re in a lot of businesses, markets, and we’re expanding globally,” says Mrs. Justus.

“Second,” she continues, “go over our 12 core values. It’s like taking ‘an open-book test,’ and the ‘cheat code’ is to simply practice discussing how you authentically demonstrate those values.”

“The core values are the playbook,” says Mr. Justus. “It’s super simple… All you really have to do is tell us stories that align with our core values, implement well, and help us help you.”

“One of the most important values to think about is ‘humility,’ and all candidates should prepare examples that show how they’ve lived out this value,” says Mrs. Justus. If candidates can demonstrate that they have a bias for “healthy,” – meaning, healthy performance—this is also a good sign to King & Justus hiring managers. Since the context of everything King & Justus does across the brand is exponential, it would be wise to tell stories that show how you were able to deliver “fast” results. Bottom line, King & Justus is looking for real alignment.

Third, depending on the role, candidates will then be invited to attend three to four interviews. The process is simple and straightforward. Candidates can have peace of mind because they’ll be asked to talk about their accomplishments and why they believe they will be a great fit.

Fourth, one of the best things a candidate can do is prepare and ask questions. “Questions simply enable a candidate to get into a conversation with us. Conversation is the relationship,” says Mrs. Justus.

Exciting News: King & Justus Circularity University is expanding globally


We currently offer 48 leadership courses engineered and designed to create the world’s most exponential leaders. Learn more today and discover what saving 20 years at a time means to you.

We welcome diverse teams across the globe to apply for Campus licenses. The application window for Campus leadership teams is open four times a year (quarterly), and is open to CU program participants.

Rick and Monique Justus revolutionize professional services industry with original concept of time travel

Rick & Monique Justus.jpg


Wednesday 26 December 2018

King & Justus announced Wednesday that they are gearing up to expand to 1,000 partners in cities around the world over the final four years of their current Master Plan.

“In 2017, we revealed the four simple parts of our current 10 Year Roadmap that we have kept semi-secretive. It’s really exciting to be past the first two steps, although we will never stop creating and improving the value we deliver,” says Monique Justus, co-founder and CEO of King & Justus.

As a recap, their Master Plan, Part II, is:

1.       Recast our expertise, which would necessarily be time consuming

2.       Use that money to perfect the product

3.       Use that money to find our essential partners


4.       Bring time travel to the masses

“Solving abundance is very important for the future of the world. It’s very important for all humans on Earth,” Monique insisted. “This transcends political parties, race, creed, religion. Listen, since it is now possible to have everyone on Earth enjoy a very high standard of living with all of the amenities that an abundant economy can provide, it’s unacceptable for any human to lack the prosperity to live their purpose.”

Building a global services firm that powers the King & Justus universe and solves abundance for humanity is not easy, even for entrepreneurs like the Justus’s.

Founder and Chairman, Rick Justus, adds, “The key to exponential scale is to do so in a healthy, smart, fast, and consistent way. The long game will always require a long patience. When you commit to building the foundation for scale in a healthy and smart way, you can exponentially grow fast and consistently, sustainably. You must achieve true alignment with your first hundred, or you won’t get the first 1,000 right. It’s imperative that we go slow to go fast.”

Rick and Monique Justus, co-founders and husband and wife, are excited about their 20Y Movement gaining momentum. “We’ve seen the look. There’s a look people get when you know they think you’re certifiably crazy. And, when you render enough of those who doubted the efficacy of your work speechless, you create believers,” Monique said.

In 2019, 300 more CEOs and organizations will be accepted as members of King & Justus Club, the world’s most exponential community. The Justus’s envision impacting millions to benefit billions.

Considering who the Justus’s are, it shouldn’t be any surprise that their unique version of time travel is trending, and poised to go mainstream. Suddenly, their unique approach to time travel doesn’t seem so crazy.

- Ends -

Rick & Monique Justus are adding online education to their King & Justus empire



King & Justus is excited to announce the July launch of King & Justus Circularity University Online. Adding an on-line offering to on-campus and on-site completes the education trilogy. 

We are equipping millions of leaders to impact billions. Our vision: Billions abundant. 

Rick Justus, founder of King & Justus said, "Our mission is to create the world's most exponential leaders. This is our high-level how to fulfilling our vision and purpose. Taking King & Justus Circularity University online will help us scale, exponentially faster. We've got a 10-year Roadmap to complete before launching the next phase."

They will be announcing specific details soon.

Rick Justus has a plan to get you to create an elite team of dealmakers


D6™ (“Dealmaker 6™”) has been called “the world’s favorite sales system” to “the world’s most humanizing sales process.” We like to say, “D6™ will become your favorite sales system because it is the world’s most humanizing sales process.”

The world is evolving, superfast. We have transitioned from the industrial era to the exponential era. Exponential thinking is required.

“Our biggest challenge as leaders is to retrain our linear brains to think exponentially.”

–Rick Justus

Humans are evolving, too. Purpose, mastery, and autonomy are the three modern drivers. This changes everything.

For these two profound reasons, we must evolve our entire approach to sales. For clarity, an exponential sales process is required in an exponential world. Regardless of the speed of change, every organization is fundamentally a selling organization. This will never change.

What if sales became your pocket of genius? What if, instead of creating a salesforce, you created a D6 Force™, an elite team of dealmakers who are brilliantly executing and representing your brand in the marketplace?

With D6™, at last, you can scale your value offering to your dream clients around the world, however you choose to define “world.” D6™ has literally revolutionized the sales practice and process for billionaires, dealmakers, entrepreneurs, CEOs, sales executives, professionals, sales trainers, and so on. We have personally used it to secure 20,000+ engagements with CEOs and generate nearly $32b in new revenues for clients. You might want to pay attention.

To humanize means to make something less unpleasant and more suitable for people. Imagine that. Imagine wanting to sell. Imagine having a legitimate sales team that loves to sell. Imagine having more people in your organization raising their hands to be a part of your D6 Force™.

The good news is that D6™ is lifted off the front lines of the real world. It’s proven, valuable, and actionable. It works in every industry, every size, and every level. It just works. It keeps working, all around the world.

With D6™, you will be able to recruit, train, manage, and coach sales talent like never before, starting with you. A template of steps has been engineered and designed to dramatically enhance the relationship with every encounter. You will know how to collapse the amount of time it takes you to sell from end-to-end. You will confidently go from closing small, rabbit-sized prospects to closing larger “prey” or elephant-sized prospects, with a clear conscience. I know, it’s hard to believe at first.

Once you adopt D6™, your organization will never be the same. This is your time. It’s time to save time.

Welcome to D6™.