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Monday 26 November 2018

Mark and Pam Weaver and Norm and Julia Harshaw have been elected the new managing partners of King & Justus Seattle and Bellevue. Both couples were elected by the firm’s core management team.

Electing couples to this position is a critical part of King & Justus’s long-term strategic plan. The Weavers and the Harshaws have been on a parallel path. They started as partners, became senior partners, and then became managing partners. They have successfully worked across a broad range of industries and have played a vital role in the firm. In 2018, the firm experienced accelerating innovation and growth. King & Justus will expand to more than 200 partners by 2020, and is targeting key cities nationally and globally.

Consistently named the world’s most exponential consulting firm, King & Justus continues to deliver the top management advice leaders have trusted since 1986. At the same time, with a vastly expanded range of services, the firm now also works side-by-side with clients, at every level of their organizations, serving as an “exponential partner” to help them build their capabilities holistically and multidimensionally and execute their strategic and tactical priorities. King & Justus has served more than 20,000 organizations, including some of the top 100 corporations worldwide, according to Monique Justus, co-founder and CEO of King & Justus.

Monique Justus said:

“More than half of what King & Justus does today did not exist even five years ago. Yet even as our firm has grown and innovated, we remain committed to King & Justus’s purpose – to save leaders twenty years at a time. I’m humbled and grateful to have the Weavers and Harshaws on our team, in the place I call home, and look forward to working with them to increase abundance for all our clients.”

In addition to scaling King & Justus’s client base and impact in Seattle and Bellevue, the Weavers and Harshaws are responsible for co-leading King & Justus Collection, the preeminent global services firm. The Collection includes 12 service groups, including King & Justus Planetary Agency, King & Justus University, King & Justus Advisory, King & Justus Hypersonic V, King & Justus D6 Force, King & Justus Capital, and so on.

Current global managing partners Steve and Lindsey Montgomery said:

“The company was founded in 1986 and recast its expertise in 2013 to revolutionize leadership with its concept of time travel, with the ultimate goal of solving abundance for humanity on this planet and beyond. We know that the Weavers and Harshaws will consistently live the standards, principles, and integrity of our brand while we also continue to innovate to meet, exceed, delight, and amaze our clients.”

Over the past decade, King & Justus has broadened its offerings in twelve different areas such as branding, leadership, strategy, team, value creation, and sales to help clients succeed in the exponential era. 

King & Justus is relentlessly committed to recruiting and developing the world’s top talent including a broad range of talent profiles to support these new capabilities. King & Justus is on pace to triple the number of advisors by the end of 2019. King & Justus will make some highly strategic acquisitions in the next few years, integrating best-in-class companies and exponential technologies.

Meanwhile, King & Justus is committed to impacting society through client work, pro bono projects, and research on grand causes. On February 8, 2013, for example, the firm began formalizing Third 8, in honor of Phil Smart Sr., a nonprofit dedicated to addressing the 8 areas of pain which he identified: The Hurt, The Homeless, The Hungry, The Drugged, The Old, The Young, The Unemployed, and The Illiterate. In 2019, King & Justus University aims to launch the largest global exponential-based student leadership program in partnership with Third 8. Working closely with employers, Third 8 aims to recruit, train, and place young people in jobs.

Rick Justus, founder and chairman at King & Justus, said:

“At King & Justus, we are creating the world’s most exponential consultants, CEOs, companies, cities, and countries. The young are our future leaders. We must empower and equip them to lead in the exponential era.”

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