D6™ (“Dealmaker 6™”) has been called “the world’s favorite sales system” to “the world’s most humanizing sales process.” We like to say, “D6™ will become your favorite sales system because it is the world’s most humanizing sales process.”

The world is evolving, superfast. We have transitioned from the industrial era to the exponential era. Exponential thinking is required.

“Our biggest challenge as leaders is to retrain our linear brains to think exponentially.”

–Rick Justus

Humans are evolving, too. Purpose, mastery, and autonomy are the three modern drivers. This changes everything.

For these two profound reasons, we must evolve our entire approach to sales. For clarity, an exponential sales process is required in an exponential world. Regardless of the speed of change, every organization is fundamentally a selling organization. This will never change.

What if sales became your pocket of genius? What if, instead of creating a salesforce, you created a D6 Force™, an elite team of dealmakers who are brilliantly executing and representing your brand in the marketplace?

With D6™, at last, you can scale your value offering to your dream clients around the world, however you choose to define “world.” D6™ has literally revolutionized the sales practice and process for billionaires, dealmakers, entrepreneurs, CEOs, sales executives, professionals, sales trainers, and so on. We have personally used it to secure 20,000+ engagements with CEOs and generate nearly $32b in new revenues for clients. You might want to pay attention.

To humanize means to make something less unpleasant and more suitable for people. Imagine that. Imagine wanting to sell. Imagine having a legitimate sales team that loves to sell. Imagine having more people in your organization raising their hands to be a part of your D6 Force™.

The good news is that D6™ is lifted off the front lines of the real world. It’s proven, valuable, and actionable. It works in every industry, every size, and every level. It just works. It keeps working, all around the world.

With D6™, you will be able to recruit, train, manage, and coach sales talent like never before, starting with you. A template of steps has been engineered and designed to dramatically enhance the relationship with every encounter. You will know how to collapse the amount of time it takes you to sell from end-to-end. You will confidently go from closing small, rabbit-sized prospects to closing larger “prey” or elephant-sized prospects, with a clear conscience. I know, it’s hard to believe at first.

Once you adopt D6™, your organization will never be the same. This is your time. It’s time to save time.

Welcome to D6™.