At King & Justus, we have worked incredibly hard to build world class proficiency in the areas of branding, leadership, strategy, communications, team, value creation, advantage story, marketing, sales, customer experience, money, and systems, as we've helped more than 20,000 brands and businesses around the world.

Although our primary revenue is from long-term partnerships with companies, we knew we could solve for billions of people by creating another unique offering for those looking to help us solve one of humanity's grandest challenges. 

That's why we're announcing Rick Justus Management Institute (RJMI), a King & Justus University initiative to create the world’s most exponential team of advisors to help us unlock exponential growth in organizations across every strategic situation. Think the world's preeminent global services firm. You will gain access to everything you need from Rick and Monique Justus and their world class team. 

Some of the services in our value ecosystem are fee based while others include revenue share. We do take an equity position in your business when it's a special relationship.

We begin the relationship with an in-person strategy session with King & Justus Spaceport, where our team will dissect and discuss how we can save you 20 years at a time. All of our services have been engineered and designed to collapse time. We call this time travel. 

From there we'll complete The Full 360, a multi-dimensional, omni-directional, powerful assessment of your entire organization to help you grow exponentially and achieve unprecedented abundance.

Within the RJMI program at King & Justus University, powered by HyperspaceX, we'll select an exclusive group of advisors to help us deliver abundance to billions of people. 

The RJMI program offers 3 stages of service. With this program you will be leveraging the real-world insights we've gained in more than 20,000 engagements around the world. This will put you ahead of the competition. More importantly, you will have the opportunity to create the world's most exponential children, CEOs, companies, cities, and countries.

If this sounds like the perfect program for you or your business, please contact us. We've built this program because we know we finally have the right team in place to scale this globally. We can't wait to see how we can partner, grow, and collapse time together to solve abundance for humanity.

If you want to learn more or apply, contact us today.