Monday, March 18, 2019

SEATTLE, WA. (March 18, 2019) – Today, Rick Justus, founder and chairman of King & Justus, announced that King & Justus Books, a publishing company by the global King & Justus brands, has selected Seattle for their new Pacific Northwest headquarters, which will create 300 new jobs in 30 cities. Rick Justus also recently announced King & Justus Spaceport, the preeminent global services firm, would be expanding in Seattle and internationally and creating 1000 new jobs in the short term.

Rick Justus said, “I am proud to announce that King & Justus Books has tapped current King & Justus Spaceport senior partner and author Ray LeCara Jr. and his wife Andera LeCara to be its new COO. Mr. LeCara will continue to be an advisor around the 12 departments within King & Justus Spaceport and a RJMI Certified Facilitator at Circularity University, one of the universities in the King & Justus University system.”

Monique Justus, co-founder and CEO of King & Justus and King & Justus Books said, “King & Justus brands have a history of raising the bar in every industry we enter. We are excited to bring our exponential approach in the publishing industry to the Seattle community and introduce new jobs to the Pacific Northwest.”

Rick Justus said, “After helping publishing companies and authors around the world, we reached a point where we said, ‘Let’s create the kind of publishing company that enables exponential leaders to write the books they were actually meant to write in a much more purposeful, doable, and faster way.’ We’re happy to announce that we’ve done that and created a way for anyone to become the preeminent expert in their purpose. I believe we’ve succeeded in revolutionizing the industry and in creating the absolute coolest publishing company on the planet. And, Ray LeCara Jr. and Andera LeCara are the right team for the job in the Pacific Northwest.”

Rick Justus Sr. said, “Congratulations King & Justus Books, we are thrilled to be a part of a company with the great potential to reinvent the publishing industry under the legendary King & Justus flag. Future exponential authors, we are ready for your arrival.”