Monique Justus, Co-founder and CEO at King & Justus Group | HyperspaceX Images

Monique Justus, Co-founder and CEO at King & Justus Group | HyperspaceX Images

April 9, 2019

King & Justus has announced plans to create 100 new part-time jobs in 20 states by the end of 2019. Rick Justus, founder and chairman of King & Justus, says that these part-time positions can provide opportunities for a much bigger game after 90 days. “You really have to make yourself stand out and make it clear to us that you are really interested in doing this over the long term and growing with the company if you want to play a bigger game with us,” says Mr. Justus.

Monique Justus, King & Justus’s co-founder and CEO, shares four tips for getting a job at King & Justus:

“First, find where you fit as we’re in a lot of businesses, markets, and we’re expanding globally,” says Mrs. Justus.

“Second,” she continues, “go over our 12 core values. It’s like taking ‘an open-book test,’ and the ‘cheat code’ is to simply practice discussing how you authentically demonstrate those values.”

“The core values are the playbook,” says Mr. Justus. “It’s super simple… All you really have to do is tell us stories that align with our core values, implement well, and help us help you.”

“One of the most important values to think about is ‘humility,’ and all candidates should prepare examples that show how they’ve lived out this value,” says Mrs. Justus. If candidates can demonstrate that they have a bias for “healthy,” – meaning, healthy performance—this is also a good sign to King & Justus hiring managers. Since the context of everything King & Justus does across the brand is exponential, it would be wise to tell stories that show how you were able to deliver “fast” results. Bottom line, King & Justus is looking for real alignment.

Third, depending on the role, candidates will then be invited to attend three to four interviews. The process is simple and straightforward. Candidates can have peace of mind because they’ll be asked to talk about their accomplishments and why they believe they will be a great fit.

Fourth, one of the best things a candidate can do is prepare and ask questions. “Questions simply enable a candidate to get into a conversation with us. Conversation is the relationship,” says Mrs. Justus.