The company was founded in 1986 to save leaders 20 years at a time, with the ultimate goal of solving abundance for humanity.








Rick, thank you for everything your company did to help us find solutions to increase stability, prevent more deaths, and build long-term economic growth.
— King Norodom Sihanouk, King, Kingdom of Cambodia
Rick is the world’s #1 Business Wizard!
— President Ramos
King & Justus took my business model, totally deconstructed it, and helped me reengineer it from the ground up. This resulted in me doubling my business in one year!
— Ronnie Kovach
King & Justus’s innovative and dynamic approaches to increasing sales, cutting costs and boosting profits are the simplest, most powerful and practical I have ever seen.
— Billionaire Bruce Wasserstein
Rick Justus is a genius. He’s a very, very special man. If you are ever given the opportunity to be a friend, a team member, one of his advisors, or one of his clients, take it. He is my mentor. I repeat what he says so that I make myself sound smarter.
— Phil Smart Sr.
I thought it would be good, but I had no idea that I would receive the wealth of information that I did. One of our portfolio companies increased their total sales and profits about 70%. Thank you for your willingness to share your vast knowledge.
— Investor, Venture Group
Thank you Rick Justus. You are the best advisor I’ve ever experienced in my life. Our country is in your debt.
— President
Rick was introduced to me by a CEO of one of my companies because I needed an interpreter at a royal wedding in Singapore. On the flight over, I quickly realized that Rick was no ordinary individual. He single-handedly built a 7-figure business for me in the Philippines overnight, gained access to the President and top government officials, creatively and brilliantly succeeded at a raising more than a billion dollars on a sandbar in the Hundred Islands, helped us complete a 1,000-unit low-cost housing project, and then got them to develop their marble quarries that now make up a small percentage of their GDP. As a well-known businessman in Japan, I’ve never met anyone who can do what Rick Justus can do. I witnessed him do the seemingly impossible many times over. Rick, there are no words. Thank you so much for all you did for me and the Japanese investors on my team.
— Mr. Nakamura
They helped us win the RFP for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and managed to get Bill and Melinda to use our service personally! Magical!
— CMO, Dry Cleaning Business
This program provided us with additional income in excess of $2,000,000 during the 10 months King & Justus helped us. I enjoy working with them because I both trust them and respect their expertise.
— CEO, Title Company
I’m a marble dealer. In the past five months, Rick’s team has generated for me somewhere between $25 and $30 million worth of business, more than I’ve made in the past five years. I still don’t know how they did it.
— Founder & CEO, Marble Dealer
I still can’t believe it! They took me to my first $50k deal in 5 days!
— CEO, Consulting Firm
After he made me tens of millions, I finally was forced to surrender to the fact that Rick Justus is a lovable, eccentric, unconventional genius, the likes of whom I have never met before.
— Chairman, Multinational Conglomerate
We express our appreciation for your work and its results. You launched a strongly innovative ‘dream client’ program for six of our portfolio companies. You consistently doubled, tripled, and quadrupled sales in each company. We are absolutely delighted by this program!
— Billionaire, Multinational Conglomerate
That was AWESOME! I’m so energized and feeling a sense of calm at the same time.
— Founder & CEO, Nutrition Company
Rick’s energy is infectious and his insight is almost scary! Within a couple hours, he guided my team in zeroing in on a focused strategy with a clear visualization of the starting point and a clear roadmap for reaching our desired goals. We left feeling energized and incredibly motivated to work on implementing all his strategies immediately.
— Founder, Healthcare IT
I feel very firmly that working with you is one of the best decisions I’ve had the opportunity to make in a while. Looking forward to growing through this process.
— Founder & CEO, Yacht Manufacturing Company
Each person on the facilitation team had a way of deeply listening, reflecting back what they heard, and filled in gaps we didn’t know we had.
— Founder & CEO, Non-Profit
If you truly desire to take a leopard’s leap ahead to ramp up your business at superspeed, enroll in Circularity University.
— Chief Creative Officer, Product Development Co.
They will impact the legacies of millions around the world for generations to come.
— President & CEO, World-Renowned Leadership Development Co.
No matter who you are, no matter how successful, no matter what level, they have something to offer you.
— CEO, International Business School
This was the most helpful of any call of this nature I’ve ever had.
— Founder & CEO, Education Software Consultancy
We’re going to have some fun and learn a lot too!
— Founder & CEO, Environmental Co.
We 10x’d our sales within 6 months of being shown how to switch to a fee-for-service practice.
— Founder & Dentist, Dental Practice
They literally saved our company. We are now valued at over $100m.
— Co-Founder, POS Co.
If you want to play a bigger game, do whatever it takes to learn this revolutionary management system.
— Billionaire, Chairman & CEO, Financial Advisory Firm
They helped us shape a move into new markets and brought a much needed breath of fresh strategic air to the company.
— Founder & CEO, Coaching Co.
In my role as a business coach and strategist, one of the gifts I give my clients is to see possibilities for themselves and their business they cannot see on their own. This is the gift you are giving me.
— Co-Founder & CEO, Strategy Consultancy and Software Dev Co.
After just one experience with King & Justus, we immediately increased our sales by over $25,000 a month by changing one simple way we were signing up clients. We are on track to add more than $5m to our bottom line this year as a result.
— CEO, Expedition Co.
It was as if they took the entire lifetime of my business and passed it through the eye of a needle. I had never before had that sort of clarity myself—it was quite simply transformational.
— Professional Speaker & CEO, Enterprise Licensing Firm
— Founder & NFL Player, Foundation
I was God-smacked! It was glorious and wonderful. So thankful. I don’t know how to express my thanks adequately.
— Founder, Architectural Firm
The Justus’s are the real thing! In less than an hour they helped move several of my businesses from linear to geometric growth.
— Billionaire
Each 20Y Portal creates possibility and brings the vision closer. We underrated the value of having a management system.
— Owner, Luxury Dealership
Rick’s authenticity and clarity of purpose ring true to all who meet him. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with me and my team.
— Attorney Consultant, Fortune 500 Co.
That was one of the most insightful meetings of my life, both personally and professionally!
— CEO, Financial Services Firm
Words are inadequate. They helped me increase my price 100x and sell in my first client within three weeks.
— Founder, Branding Co.
They are one of the bright minds in the world of business strategy. They bring a unique approach to an often complex and confounding aspect of business.
— CEO, Performance Management Firm
Never before has anyone been able to digest the complexity of my multi-faceted 22-year business in such a short space of time.
— Founder & Managing Director, Leadership Development Firm
Simply put, when it comes to strategic thinking they are pure genius. You will not find anyone better to help you clarify, qualify, and execute your vision.
— Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Luxury Asset Trading Firm
If you’re coachable and eager to move forward fast, gift yourself the unique experience of the Exponential Leader series.
— Sr. Executive, Fortune 50 Co.
This will exponentially expand your organization.
— Distinguished Mayor, World-Renowned City
My time was worth much more than the lousy parking ticket!
— Former Chairman, Leading Investment Co.
— Founder & CEO, Consulting Firm
I’m completely speechless!
— Chairman & CEO, Venture Capital Firm
You believed in me, and you were the first guy to go to bat to prove it!
— Co-Founder, Investment Co.
Rick Justus is a business genius. Pay very close attention to every word. I closed billion dollar deals from his advice.
— Billionaire
Thank you! You are the best advisor I’ve ever experienced in my life, from boardroom to mega yacht. Our pitch was successful, and we just secured our biggest client.
— Co-Founder, Media Co.
I am loving co-creating a new vision for all three of my businesses and appreciate all you bring to your role on my executive team.
— Parallel Entrepreneur
We added $8m in sales in less than 120 days.
— CEO, Home Construction Co.
They are undeniably the best at what they do. They repositioned us and dramatically increased our revenues within 2 months.
— Founder, Healthcare Development Company
I’ve never encountered anyone like Rick. His intuition, insight, and giftedness are second-to-none. He is both a brilliant teacher and implementer of time-tested, proven, results-based strategies. He is my secret weapon.
— Top Fortune 500 Consultant and Bestselling Author
Rick and Monique have an amazing ability to completely understand and identify the core essence of a person or a business.
— Founder, Branding Agency
Mesmerizingly brilliant.
— Partner, Marketing Firm
The structure and systems provide a solid base for growth; real world examples offer inspiration. The people I met there—a grand bonus.
— Founder & Doctor, Medical Clinic
This is a place for dreamers of the day!
— Chairman, Hotel Development Co.
If you are looking for a first-rate experience on how to conduct business in the public or private sector, King & Justus is the best choice you can make.
— Founder & CEO, Nation's Leading Baby Diaper Service
They transformed our industry.
— CEO, #1 Bridal Co.
Bold. Thorough. Effective. That is my experience with the Circularity University program and profit acceleration solution.
— Owner & CEO, Leading Publishing Co.
This makes sense. It’s actionable. You filled in the dots. It’s now easier and less stressful.
— Founder & CEO, Consulting Firm
I’m dreaming bigger!
— Pastor of Pastors, Churches
I just fired two coaches so I could work with you. I was playing too small.
— Founder, Video Production Co.
This is a life-changing experience. Looking forward to the unveiling of me!
— Owner, Family of Companies
Rick Justus is the world’s greatest strategist. He helped us raise billions and helped us see an opportunity that now makes up a percentage of our gross national product. His humility is astounding.
— World Leader




•A luxury stair and design company wanted 10x growth, and needed our help to breakthrough a financial set point of almost 40 years.

•We rebranded, repositioned and restructured them as a design fabrication company, specializing in luxury interiors, monumental stairs and custom furniture.

•They are currently so booked, they are holding off sales until the following year. They just secured a deal with the world’s largest architectural firm. More than a hundred architects and builders are attending their next event. Companies more than ten times bigger than they are want to partner.


•During a time of war, the King of Cambodia was discouraged and greatly needed the right people to help him with his clarity, focus and execution.

•A police entourage met our team of four and escorted us from the airport to the royal palace. We encouraged the King and government officials, shaped both a compelling future and a specific set of commitments, and rallied the investor and entrepreneurial community.

•We succeeded in raising $1b+. The King credited us with stabilizing their economy and preventing many more deaths.


•One of the world’s leading financial advisory firms wanted to accelerate their expansion plans.

•We delivered strategic advisory, facilitation and introductions.

•The billionaire chairman credited us with helping them play a bigger game, faster. Simultaneously, we helped save several big deals.


•One of the top academic institutions in Japan wanted to equip Japanese businesspeople to do business in Myanmar.

•We delivered executive English classes at the university, strategic advisory and introductions, interpreting, and execution support in Myanmar.

•We successfully launched more than 50 businesses in Yangon, Myanmar, including their first hamburger restaurant and a boutique hotel. In addition, we successfully secured $100m of precious Burmese ruby for one of the most prestigious jewelry brands in the Ginza district.


•A well-known Japanese businessman wanted to launch an international trading company, specializing in trucks and construction equipment.

•We assembled three teams in Japan, Philippines, and Myanmar. We managed all operations.

•We secured $50m in purchase orders, and profited $1.5m within 6 months via 180-day postdated checks.


•We introduced the western-style wedding concept to the number one bridal company in Japan.

•We marketed and delivered more than 1,800 weddings over six years.

•We generated $250m in revenue.


•A high-level autonomous ocean vessel design company needed to raise another $5m round of capital.

•We crafted an Advantage Story™ for their marketing and sales efforts to both investors and dream clients.

•We effectively set the buying criteria for this new class of autonomous, self-powered vessel design.


•A small, 14-year old company specializing in hardware parts for steam was in desperate need of a turnaround.

•With a much bigger ambition, we assembled a new ownership team under a new entity and brand, acquired the assets of the previous entity, and repositioned them as a consulting business with complete solutions for plants and equipment.

•We launched an educational series for executives, managers, and operators. In phase one we have already successfully increased revenues by 200%.


•Due to a real estate market crash, a training company was in desperate need of repositioning.

•Within four months we pioneered the luxury asset trading space, configured our business model, and gained traction by vetting $750b in luxury assets.

•We secured $300m in trade listings, facilitated deals, and helped secure the trade of an 82-foot yacht.


•The owner of the nation’s premier salad restaurant called us the day before she was scheduled to have a baby in tears because her store manager had just quit.

•We stepped in and ran her restaurant for 3 months, created new products for retail, rebuilt the team, rebranded, created new restaurant concept, helped secure initial funding, locked in the city’s top commercial real estate company to locate and secure a flagship store, helped get the new flagship store up and running, supported two separate teams simultaneously, helped move out of the old location, helped launch the catering division, and more.

•We saved her restaurant, successfully launched a new flagship location, and helped her exit due to a traumatic life event.


•The President of the Philippines requested our help in raising capital for a 1,000-unit low cost housing project.

•Our team temporarily relocated to the province of Pangasinan, conducted an extensive feasibility study with the Governor’s Office, leveraged a nationally televised beauty contest to invite investors, and hosted an investor meeting on a sandbar in the Hundred Islands National Park.

•We successfully raised more than $2b and simultaneously secured an investment to develop the marble quarries in Romblon.


•A successful entrepreneur acquired a couple of dry cleaning companies and created the nation’s largest toxin-free cleaners. The acquisition included more than 9,000 store and route customers.

•We immediately began creating systems for value creation, core story, marketing, sales, customer experience, and money.

•We succeeded in keeping past customers, winning new customers, and winning back significant customers. In the process, we won the request for proposal for the Gates Foundation. Bill and Melinda Gates submitted their pinstriped towels for cleaning.



Age Co. LTD.


Amazon Fresh


Arc Media

AudioInk Publishing

Baby Diaper Service

Bastyr University

Bates Advertising

Beniya Mukayu

Biju Patnaik State Police Academy

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Blue Rise Global Investments

Blue Sky Cleaners


Brian Tracy TV Show

Busch Gardens

Caliber Funding


Central Laboratory Services

Century 21

Century Hotel Shizuoka

Coldwell Banker

Columbia Winery

Community Capital Development

Community Dinners

Corporate Rain International

C & F Enterprise LTD.

Costco Japan

Dimanche la Campagne

Dream World Hotel Co., LTD.

First Team Real Estate

Fishing Expeditions

Fuji Film

Government of Myanmar

Government of Cambodia

Government of Japan

Government of Nepal

Government of Philippines

Government of Singapore

Guest House Richmond

Harbor Wing Technologies


Htoo Group of Companies (HGC)

Hyatt Regency

Improved Experience

Institute for Systems Biology

Issho Genki Asia Pacific, LTD

John L. Scott

Johnson & Johnson

Kaiser Permanente


Keller Williams

KEYTIME Enterprises

Lazard Ltd.

Lyric Marketing & Design

Made for Success Publishing




Myanma Economic Bank

Myanmar Airways International




Obsidian International


Park Hyatt Tokyo

Procter & Gamble



Red Robin International


Rental Nikken

Riverstone Residential Group


Samford University

Sankara Hotel & Spa

Sawayaka Restaurant

Seattle’s Best Coffee

Seattle Pacific University

Seattle University


Shoreline Community College



St. Regis Osaka


Taihei Corporation

Taihei J.P. Traders Co., Inc.

Targa Asset Management

The Ascent Group

The Box SF

The Ritz-Carlton

Tokyo Music Center

The Lones Group

Tokaido Shinkansen (Japanese Bullet Train)

Tokyo University

Torasuto Kogyo

Total Bridal Network


TV Asahi

TV Tokyo MediaNet


University of Washington

Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico


World Trade Center

Yamaha Corporation

Yamaha Motor Company Limited

Yamato Transport Inc.




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