Norm Harshaw Biography

Mr. Harshaw is obsessively committed to expanding the King & Justus brand locally, nationally, and globally. He is a shameless advocate for leaders and is constantly pushing for scale and impact. When working with Mr. Harshaw you will find that he is a results-oriented, self-starter whose drive and sense of urgency are tempered and disciplined by his concern for the accuracy and quality of his work.

“Although many candidates were vying for the position, we chose Norm to manage our Seattle office because we trust him completely and know he will be a wise steward of our legacy in Seattle and beyond,” says Rick Justus, founder and chairman of King & Justus. “It’s rare to find someone who is so fully and completely aligned. Furthermore, Monique and I know that Norm is the right man to help us reshape the global economy and help the world achieve its economic potential.”

As a Managing Partner, Mr. Harshaw drives revenue growth, profit improvement, and lasting impact through an expanding global network of relationships with key decision makers in business, government, and investing institutions. He makes sure client relationships are built with the utmost trust and discretion. He brings exceptional depth of expertise across industry sectors and geographies to his role. Mr. Harshaw ensures King & Justus provides clients with a quality of service we believe no other firm can match. He is the consummate rainmaker and dealmaker, with a street-smart instinct for identifying dream clients. When Mr. Harshaw speaks, people tend to listen.

In addition, Mr. Harshaw also helps lead the full-scale transformation work in King & Justus Spaceport, the world’s preeminent strategic and tactical advisory firm. He works with senior management who know that incremental change is death and transformation is the competitive imperative. Furthermore, he helps them adopt the Circularity Operating System (cOS) and fully implement the entire range of exponential strategies around the 12 Practices that must be managed for exponential growth.

“To prosper over time, every company must make a positive contribution to society above and beyond financial performance. Without a clearly defined purpose, it’s impossible for any company to create long term value and achieve its full potential. King & Justus helps leaders discover their purpose in a way no one else does, exponentially designs a magnificent future, and up-levels your entire team with the appropriate list of exponential competencies that make mastery of personal transformation possible,” says Mr. Harshaw.

As a Global Partner, Mr. Harshaw co-leads King & Justus Velocity in the Americas and globally. Mr. Harshaw loves the adrenaline rush he gets when creating elite teams of dealmakers to expand the global reach and impact of King & Justus Velocity.

Prior to King & Justus, Mr. Harshaw spent more than 25 years gaining international experience and deep expertise as an entrepreneur, founder, CEO, and Managing Partner across industry verticals, including finance, insurance, lending, and more. Past experiences include buying and selling businesses, wiring tens of millions of dollars to small countries, and corporate fundraising. With a heart for economic abundance, Mr. Harshaw—always the change agent—learned early on to never quit.

An active philanthropist, Mr. Harshaw was appointed to King & Justus’s Third 8 initiative for radical generosity by Founder Rick Justus and Co-Founder Monique Justus. He is helping formalize King & Justus Third 8 into a private foundation. In honor of Phil Smart Sr., King & Justus Third 8 will identify and showcase global causes and then scale solutions to a local level.

When Mr. Harshaw isn’t solving abundance for humanity, he may be found enjoying his beautiful wife Julia and his two kids, Isabel and Alec. He enjoys a good book, exploring the world, and helping people unlearn the labels of their childhood. Addicted to speed, he loves to ski, ride horses, race cars, and time travel. Mr. Harshaw believes honesty and humor can create a connection with any audience.



“My purpose is to gently empower leaders to stay strong in who they are and become.”



Mukilteo Little League
Board Member/Coach



King & Justus RJLI

King & Justus Circularity University

University of Idaho
BS, Economics

Community Colleges of Spokane
AAS, Criminal Justice/Police Science