Over the last three decades, together with some amazing partners...

...we've been intimately involved in so many grand causes. Each cause has changed us forever, from disaster relief and giving our children a quantified 20-year quantum leap to using our voice to shine a spotlight on issues that we believe are unacceptable, such as parental child abduction and child sex trafficking, and advocating for full democracy in Myanmar.

Along the way, we've grown in our compassion. So many extraordinary people have taught us the invaluable lessons of life.

We are incredibly proud of what Third 8 has achieved. We truly believe that working together we can turn problems into possibilities, allowing us to solve some of the grand causes in the world.

At Third 8, we are committed to making a greater and greater impact across the world and beyond. We hunger for impact.

It's no accident that the meaning of "Justus" is "not without a cause."