Phil Smart Sr. passed away at age 93. Before he passed away, he asked if we’d be willing to carry on his Third 8 legacy. Knowing it was a “God-wink,” as Phil called it, we said yes. On February 8, 2013, we began using Third 8 as the official name for all of our philanthropic work. Although we have launched and participated in philanthropic initiatives around the world since 1986, we never had a name for it. Third 8 exists to unite exponential leaders and grand causes to make a difference in our local, national, and global community. Phil Smart Sr. was Rick Justus’s best friend.

Phil Smart spoke often about the ‘Third 8’ for managing the hours in our lives: Eight were for work, eight were for rest, and eight were for helping others. He asked Rick Justus to continue where he left off.
— Monique Justus