It all started when…

Monique and I got married. The fish started jumping in the boat. Individuals, teams and organizations wanted us to help them discover their purpose. At first, we thought to ourselves, “That’s not what we do.” Then, we realized that everything had been preparing us to do this. Ironically, today we think it’s the most important thing we do. We started with Purpose Day, then we added Purpose Tour and then we added Purpose Destination. We are adding Purpose Cruise. We can see doing Purpose Circle where we deliver Purpose Day to a group of people in a circle at the same time, surrounded by people who have already discovered their purpose. This life-changing experience infuses their past with meaning, their present with power and their future with impact. It’s the most exponential experience in the world. We invite you to discover what Purpose Day means to you.


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Be forewarned, the pictures will move you.