What is King & Justus Club?

Reflect more. Risk more. Do more. Together.


All King & Justus clients are members of the King & Justus Club. We gather in cities around the globe. There’s more opportunity than ever to connect with those who are committed to playing big. All that’s missing now is you.

We believe in each other. That’s all that matters.
— Steve Montgomery
Thanks to King & Justus, we expanded our operations across the brands with 20 shops in Japan and closed USD $100 million worth of contracts for the rest of the year...in addition to the business we were already handling.”
— Prominent Japanese Jewelry Brand

Events & Experiences Include:

Inspired Evenings

D6 Nights

Power Couples

Daredevil Talks

Wine or Whiskey?

Experience Days

Impact Awards

And so much more!

The heart of our King & Justus Collection is you.
— Monique Justus
I’m officially a race car driver with a corporate sponsor!!!! I can officially die happy!
— Andrew S.
Thank you Rick and Monique for being my biggest cheerleaders! I’m ready to jump off the diving board even though I can’t swim! Lol! Kudos to you for making all this possible.
— Wanna C.
Thanks to what I learned from Rick and Monique, I was able to translate $35 into $600k and counting!
— Tom F.

The 20Y Challenge

It is the ultimate dare.


We dare you to join the King & Justus Club today. If you want to save 20 years, you belong here. Time connects us all. There simply is no greater thrill than participating and contributing to the world's most exponential community of Superheroes committed to traveling up "The Continuum to Total Abundance", or simply "The Continuum", from one 20Y Growth Inflection Point to the next.


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