Rick Justus and Monique Justus have helped millions to save 20 years at a time and achieve abundance with The 20Y Formula.

“This book was written as a clear glass “Bee Hive” where the reader views clearly the various moving parts and all of the Hive’s activity that constitutes the human swirls and the professional tenets of an Enterprise.

An examined life indeed leads to a thinking life. And that thinking leads to extraordinary decisions, that in turn lead to amazing activity, which brings about the desired change in outcomes…

Cogito ergo sum…

Yet, it is also in this book that the Authors teach the light speed forward movement method, fit for any company, and for any leader, because it is based on the methodology and the empirical studies of the Authors teaching the 20 Year progress – well for 20 plus years of applied business science. Go ahead and read through it and you shall see that the “20Y fast forward system” works very much like the “warp drives” that power the “Warp Speed” of the aptly named Starship Enterprise, which can take you from where you are to a whole New Universe in zero time flat, traveling at speeds unimaginably faster than the speed of Light.

So if you want to put growth hacking on steroids, and hope for some exponential growth of the Unicorn variety – read this stunningly, audacious little book with an attitude and with a fresh take on both the CEO office life, and on what the future might bring for the human being that the CEO and the intelligent executive might represent for the enlightened entrepreneur of the future.

Read it, but only apply it, if you are a bold risk taker who wants to go all the way, for the gusto, the glory, and for the money to come along with a maximally successful enterprise that creates both honest wealth and honest work, through opportunity harvesting and development.

As a leader and as a successful CEO of many companies, and also as a famous Unicorn breeder – I must confess that I found this little book full of gems and wisdom, and thus I would recommend it to any mindful leader out there too, who lives life large and who walks the talk.”

--DR. CHURCHILL, “The American Churchill”

“The 20Y Formula supported by sustainable arguments for greater effectiveness, accountability and harmonizations. Today, there is a growing consensus amongst leaders that we are being challenged to be ahead of our time and most importantly get there fast – Faster-than-Light. This book provides clear and practical guidance that paves the way for leaders to meet these goals. It deserves to be read by everyone concerned with exponential leadership.”

--FOUAD HALAWI, CEO, Virgin Mobile

“Your book is a good primer for a founder/leader.”

--MICHAEL PHILLIPS, Former Chairman, Russell Investments ($250b AUM)


“I had the honor and privilege of having an early read of Rick and Monique Justus’ latest book. As a former CEO of major banking institutions, I can easily see the immense value of the insights that are so carefully crafted. This book contains a powerful collection of meaningful and relevant stories that help underscore and elevate the thought leadership contained in it. The 20-Year Formula takes a deep evaluation of today’s cherished need to accelerate strategic implementation so critical business to needs, distilling the essence of important elements needed to effectively embark on the journey to successful results.

The material carefully ‘de-constructs’ complex challenges, applying a principle of simplicity which in turn translates into clearing the path to speed up real business imperatives. The Circularity concept is in fact a smart ‘methodology’ which permits its application directly to otherwise difficult goals and objectives. Circularity is an effective enablement which forms the foundation to support and accelerate the digital transformation which is critically important to achieve competitive differentiation, as well as aligning with Mission, Vision and Values in any business.

I wish I had the benefit of these powerful insights when I was the CEO of my $11 Billion Bank; now I can reflect on the immensity of the growth I could have achieved by effectively applying these integrated set of valuable principles.”

--WILFRIED JACKSON, Former CEO, Citibank Nevada NA


“You presented what I believe and have read are the fundamentals needed to grow a living, growing, purposeful business/enterprise/human centered organism-organization. Your focus on commitment and process are right on. Very much like the holistic approach to fully living both personal and business stewardship.”



“Billionaires will listen. Not all of them. And when they do, they will say, ‘Wow!’”



“Rick Justus is the world’s number one strategist. I have no doubt in my mind that Rick will write a groundbreaking guide to greatness that will set millions of people free to live a life of abundance. When he does, you should read and reread forever and just keep getting more out of it.”

--BRUCE WASSERSTEIN, Former billionaire Chairman, Lazard


“No one knows more about how to create an exponential organization than Rick and Monique Justus. Whether you’re an individual, organization, city, or country, if you want to create an abundant economy, apply their powerful yet practical system. And I love the idea that to be exponential you only need to manage 12 practices, not 12,000.”

--JACQUE FRESCO, Founder, The Venus Project


“Calling all business owners! What would you do with $1 billion dollars of business knowledge? In The 20Y Formula: The Economic Holy Grail, you’ll learn the strategies for exponential growth and massive abundance from Rick and Monique Justus, two of the world’s greatest business minds.”

--MARSHALL REDDICK, Ph.D., Founder, Marshall Reddick Real Estate, started the first undergraduate, accredited Entrepreneurship Program in California


“What is the hallmark of a great athlete? Regardless of the sport in which an athlete is competing, any coach will in all likelihood consider speed to be one of the most important, if not the most important attribute necessary for an athlete to gain a competitive edge and excel in a desired sport. The 20Y Formula is an amazing book that puts it all together to help CEOs increase their speed exponentially 40 quarters at a time. As America’s fastest speed coach, I would say Rick and Monique Justus are the world’s fastest speed coach for exponential leaders.”

--ANTHONY PRIOR, NFL Alumni, America’s fastest speed coach, Fastest 40 over 40

“Justus and team do it again! This book will stretch your thinking and challenge you to create exponential results. Moving quickly from theory to practical business concepts, The 20Y Formula provides the path to simplicity the far side of complexity.”

--MARK & MICHELE PARRISH, Co-Founders and Managing Partners, Parrish Partners Leadership and Management Consulting


“I know you and Monique just a tiny bit and immediately knew you were on to something. Reading your book was like parachuting into a hidden garden where nothing is as I expected. Because I’ve never been exposed to your coaching or workshops, I didn’t have enough context to make meaning. Someday the stars will align and I’ll have those transformative experiences with you. Blessings!”

--JANIS AVERY, CEO, Treehouse


"If you only read one book on what exponential leadership is all about--make it this one! It's destined to be the next business classic. Even the best leaders will read this and wonder, 'Why aren't we already doing this?' Give this book to everyone you care about. Believe me, you'll never be the same after reading this! What a gift!" 

--DR. IVAN MISNER, Founder of BNI and NY Times bestselling author