The Third “8”

Do you hear, as I do, that worldwide cry? For what? For help! From every direction the talking heads proclaim daily about the distress we face — sinking market, foreclosures, bankruptcies, daddies killing children, mommies strangling newborns, pirate plunder, students shooting students by the dozens, job loss and on and on and on. We are aware of eight areas of true social pain infecting every village, town and metropolis in our world: the Hurt, the Hungry, the Homeless, the Unemployed, the Young, the Old, the Illiterate and the Drugged. Where do we as people, as a nation find help, a healing, a cure? Perhaps we turn to the one I know best — “Me!” I am not everyone, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. “What I can do, I ought to do and what I ought to do by the Grace of God, I will do!” (Author unknown.) I realize that I am blessed, like everyone in the world with 24 precious hours each day; life to death. Most of us spend eight hours in school, at work, or retirement. We spend a second eight hours at rest, preparing for tomorrow. What happens to the balance, those discretionary third eight hours given us to spend as we see fit? If we are now aware of opportunities to share ourselves, where does it begin? This question begs for a logical and believable answer. Perhaps it is this: If we gather together, nation upon nation, beginning with our own, and become personally involved in a specific area of pain, we might, 1-2-1, one-to-one, change the world! Know what? That action begins with whom? ME.

Phil Smart, Sr.

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