When I was a little boy, a man approached me and said something that completely changed my life.

He said, “Son, reading makes a broad man, writing makes an exact man.” In that moment, a seed was planted. Over the years, I increasingly longed for this exactness.

That man was my father.

A few years ago, mom and dad moved back to the United States from Japan. I will never forget the day my dad said, “Son, I want to learn from you.”

He’s still my greatest hero, and I am profoundly honored that he and mom are co-chairs in King & Justus.

Please hear this. Reading makes a broad leader, writing makes an exact leader.

Commit to exactness.

The refining of clarity exponentially increases your effectiveness.

I’m writing another book and textbook in 2018.

What will you write?

How will you hold yourself accountable?